Türkiye Scholarship for Master Degree and Your Future Chances

If you are thinking about getting your Master degree in Turkey, why not getting Türkiye Scholarship for Master degree? Yes, it is intended for international students who want to have a new learning experience abroad. You may have to get out of your comfort zone if you want to try it out but once you do, you will not regret the opportunity whatsoever.




This is a Türkiye Scholarship for Master degree program is designed for all study fields. If you are from outside of Turkey and you want to continue your study to a higher level, this would be your best chance. Whether you are studying science or business, you are welcomed to try – provided that the field of study is available (and most importantly, offered) in the participating university. Up to now, the available scholarships are from Bachelor degree to PhD level.

According to their information released on the official websites, they are open from candidates from all over the world, despite the limitations that they pose for the financial aid. There are only certain countries that can join on the undergraduate and also postgraduate programs, such as Nepal, Malta, Thailand, Norway, the US, Vietnam, and Luxembourg (the lists still go on). Moreover, those who want to take the postgraduate programs should be coming from Venezuela, Gabon, Mexico, China, Burkina Faso, Yemen, and Serbia (again, the lists still go on).


As long as you graduate from the educational institution with similar level to the ones in Turkish educational structure, you are free to apply. However, there are certain conditions related to your born date. If you are applying for Undergraduate degree, the program is available for those born NOT before 01-01-1997. For the Master degree, it is available for those born after 01-01-1988. Be sure to visit the official website before applying so you won’t waste your time and energy.

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Other requirements include:

  • Meeting the minimum score from each program. Be advised, though, that each program of Türkiye Scholarship for Master degree has different score levels.
  • Students currently studying in Turkey aren’t permitted to apply for the same level they have taken.

If you want to be sure, visit their official website and view the lists of the eligible countries. If you get accepted for the scholarship, you will get tuition fees, accommodation, monthly allowance, travel cost, Turkish language course for a year, and also health insurance.

How to Apply

Each program has their own requirements, including documentation. Make sure to check or the details so you won’t make mistakes during the application. Applications for international students can only be done online, as postal, hand, and courier applications won’t be accepted.

The annual deadline is set on March the 5th 2018. But if you come from the countries within the lists of the official website, the application periods starts from 16 April 2018 and ends at 27 May 2018 for regular students. However, if you apply for the scholarships, it is open only from 5 February to 5 March 2018.

It is completely crucial that you visit the official website at here, not only to get the application form but also the details of the Türkiye Scholarship for Master degree.

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