ICTP Scholarships for Master in High Performance Computing

Italy would be your destination if you win this ICTP Scholarships for master in high performance computing especially for those who want to reach and pursue their master degree in High-performance computing programme. Check out them all below.




As you can see, the ICTP is going to present their collaboration with the International School for Advanced Studies within this ICTP Scholarships for master in high performance computing. The primary target of the scholarship is students who come from developing countries. You need to know that Master’s Degree in High-Performance Computing is a modern program in order to set up students for the high-performance computing, which is growing so fast these days. For your information, ICTP refers to the Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoritical Physics. It is a multi-national research institute for physical and mathematical sciences. This institution works under a tripartite agreement. They are UNESCO, Italian government and International Atomic Energy Agency.

This ICTP Scholarships for master in high performance computing only focuses on Master degree programme in the field of High-Performance Computing (MHPC) Programme. The primary benefit is to cover the full course € 7.000 worth. The scholars will study and reside in Italy. For the details, here are the eligibility criteria of the scholarships as follow:

  • The candidates must have perfect and high motivation in information technology issues by the scientific research or the needs in industries. Without motivation, you are not going anywhere. The scholarship picks candidates who can show their motivation surely in order to meet what they really expect at the end of their study
  • They must own and hold an academic Master Degree or an equivalent work experience. This is another important thing you must have. Prove that you have that degree in order to complete this MPHC programme.
  • They mustn’t have prior HPC knowledge but they must have some experience in programming and a competence in C, C++, and Fortran. Those are the language in computer. All computer technician must know this basic language of computer programming
  • They must own a basic knowledge of Linux OS. Since this scholarship focuses on the computer in high level and modern way, you should master or at least know the basic knowledge of Linux operating system
  • They must have basic understanding of Python language at the beginning level in 39 exercises
  • They must have excellent proficiency in English language. This is an international scholarship. Although you are going to study in Italy, almost all subjects or courses are taught in English. That is why you have to provide your excellence in using English language. You can prove it by attaching your current score of the English standardized test. Unfortunately, there is no detail about the minimum score of the test that you need to pass.
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How to Apply

The ICTP Scholarships for master in high performance computing will end the selection process on 20th April 2018. The host institution only allows online application method. You can’t send your application after the closing date. It will be considered as late application. Please start your application process through this following link.


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