Interdisciplinary Scholarship in Life Sciences of PSL University for Master Degree

You will not be ready for this interdisciplinary scholarship in Life Sciences of PSL University for master degree because it will bring you to study in France this year. The primary target is international and French students who are eligible. It is time to prepare your application.


PSL university france

PSL university france

The host institution of the scholarship is the Q-Life Institute of PSL for quantitative biology. It looks for candidates who want to pursue their study in Life Sciences of PSL University, France. For your information, the university provides some fields of study in science, arts, social sciences, engineering, and humanities. You will have a chance to discover their training, research projects, and the new university model of them through the campus. This scholarship is only designed for those who want to pursue masters’ degree. In details, here are the procedures that you have to undergo as the candidates:

  • You have to undergo first oral examination in Life Sciences
  • You have to complete an online application system in one of these fields: Computer Science, Mathematics, Geosciences, Physics, or Chemistry.

The awards of the interdisciplinary scholarship in Life Sciences of PSL University for master degree are about €10,000 per year. It will be given for the first year or/and the second year of the Interdisciplinary Master in Life Sciences (IMaLiS). Check out the eligibility criteria of the scholarship below:

  • Candidates must have a foreign undergraduate degree degree especially in Life Sciences or in another course with related background of study
  • Candidates must hold a French Master 1 or 2 degree or equivalent in Maths, Physics, Geosciences, Chemistry, Engineering and many more. It also includes French engineering school studens
  • The successful candidates will spend their second-semester internships in Q-Life laboratories in order to undergo their projects. The admission is a part of the successful completion of the previous degree
  • The primary language that they have to use is English language because the teaching and internships will be taught in this language.
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How to Apply

The interdisciplinary scholarship in Life Sciences of PSL University for master degree will end the selection process no later than 15th April 2018. For your information, the scholarship is automatically treated as the IMaLiS Master’s program. In other words, you have to complete the online application form for either M1 or M2. Don’t forget to upload these documents as follow:

  • Your latest curriculum vitae as well as your details of the subjects and modules.
  • Your ID Photo
  • A letter of motivation, showing your personal information and how you foresee your professional career, what the degree will bring you, and by specifying the courses that you would like to undergo
  • Scans of your first degree or equivalent and your undergraduate and postgraduate transcripts
  • Three letters of recommendation from professors or research who know you so well.

Please click on this following link in order to apply the interdisciplinary scholarship in Life Sciences of PSL University for master degree. It is the official website of the scholarship. Everything will start from there. You still have couple days to send and prepare your application. Make sure you aren’t late applicants who send late application.

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