Academic Mobility for African Sustainable Development Graduate and Doctoral Scholarships

Young Africans who take interest in Social Science and Governance now have the golden opportunity to pursue their master’s or doctoral degree in several African universities. The scholarships are available for students commencing their academic year in 2018. Find out how to apply for the Academic Mobility for African Sustainable Development/AMAS graduate and doctoral scholarships below!




AMAS stands for Academic Mobility for African Sustainable Development. It is a project conducted by the Intra-Africa Academic Mobility Scheme that provide supports to higher education cooperation among African countries. The whole goal of the program is to ultimately contribute to poverty reduction and promote sustainable development by increasing the accessibility and availability of qualified and trained high-level professional manpower in Africa. The Academic Mobility for African Sustainable Development/AMAS graduate and doctoral scholarships is open for all young Africans who are challenged. This award will be given to the AMAS thematic field of study in Governance and Social Science. Mobility flows happen only in accredited high quality doctoral and master programs or courses offered by the partner universities. The scholarship amounts to 25.000 euros for master’s program to cover insurance, visa, travel, subsistence, participation/tuition and research costs while PhD candidates will receive up to 71.700 euros to cover the same things.

Below are the participating African Universities:

  • Addis Ababa University (AAU), Ethiopia
  • Universidade Eduardo Mondlane (UEM), Mozambique
  • Moi University (MU), Kenya
  • Université Mohammed V de Rabat (UM5R), Morocco
  • Université d’Abomey-Calavi (UAC), Benin
  • Technical partner university namely, Universität Bayreuth (UBT), Germany

Please refer to this link to find out which countries are eligible for the program.

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Candidates have to make sure they fulfil all the following entrance requirements in order to be considered:

  • Target 1:

PhD and master students that are registered in one of the five African Partner Universities, or;

  • Target 2:

PhD and master students that are registered in any university that is recognized and doesn’t fall within the aforementioned 5 African partner universities

  • Graduate students must undertake at least 6 months studies (credit seeking)/ 2 years (degree seeking) in any of the 4 partner universities that is not their registered university
  • Doctoral candidates must undertake at least 6 months as well as a maximum of studies for 48 months. Apply between the 6 to 48 months duration to seek credits primarily as well as engage in research. However, students are not to apply for a full PhD engagement in any of 4 partner universities that is not their home university
  • PhD and master students must be willing to study the prescribed SBP and CFS courses listed on Doc T1-Table of Mobility Courses which are offered at the recipient partner university
  • Males and females will be given equal eligibility statuses
  • Evidence of English proficiency which should be at higher level

Application Procedure

Candidates from disadvantaged populations and backgrounds are pretty much encouraged to apply for the Academic Mobility for African Sustainable Development/AMAS graduate and doctoral scholarships. The due date is on July 25th 2018.

Here’s how to apply:

  • Candidates must have competence in the language of the course taught in at recipient partner university
  • Submit certified proof of admission at a university in Africa. Look at target 1 and 2 above.
  • Certified academic transcripts and certificates
  • Complete the Doc AF1 application form
  • Reference letter from two academic referees
  • Two photos (passport size)
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Submit your application as indicated on this website

    1. Zaki ahmed June 29, 2018
    2. Daniel Debalke June 29, 2018
    3. Arzo Yousofzai June 29, 2018
    4. Mikias June 29, 2018
    5. saliman ullah June 29, 2018
    6. Bianca Victoria M. Tura June 29, 2018
    7. Karimullah Damian June 28, 2018
    8. Abel June 28, 2018
    9. Adnan Imtiaz June 28, 2018
    10. Shafqat ali June 28, 2018
    11. Nuura June 28, 2018
    12. Sana June 28, 2018
    13. tigist kahsay June 28, 2018
    14. Zerihun Teklemariam June 28, 2018
    15. Kirpal June 28, 2018
    16. Zerihun Teklemariam June 28, 2018
    17. Tadiwos Defar June 28, 2018
    18. Yahye abdirizak jama June 28, 2018
    19. mohamed June 28, 2018
    20. Fazal Nawaz June 28, 2018
    21. ifrax mohamed shuruye June 28, 2018
    22. Arsalan khan June 28, 2018
    23. Hasibullah June 28, 2018
    24. jibril alemye June 28, 2018
    25. waqar ahmad June 28, 2018
    26. Muzamil June 28, 2018
    27. Ahmad khan June 28, 2018
    28. Imran Mahmood June 28, 2018
    29. Nusrat kamal June 28, 2018
    30. Rhodora galoso June 28, 2018
    31. Warda mohamed farah June 28, 2018
    32. HABTAMU WUDU GETAHUN June 28, 2018
    33. mursal gedi June 28, 2018
    34. Gulnaz shaheen June 28, 2018
    35. Hayelom June 28, 2018
    36. Faiza Abdiaziz Farah June 28, 2018
    37. Muhammad daud June 28, 2018
    38. Hayelom June 28, 2018
    39. Omar Ahmed Nor June 28, 2018
    40. dessie June 28, 2018
    41. dessie June 28, 2018
    42. Nasro Mohammed awil June 28, 2018
    43. Aman ullah June 28, 2018
    44. Tesfaye June 28, 2018
    45. Adane Alaro June 28, 2018
    46. fazelhaq June 28, 2018
    47. Liban salah Abdullahi June 27, 2018
    48. jawad ahmad June 27, 2018

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