PhD Scholarships in Criminology At The Catholic University

The Catholic University in Italy is delighted to offer a doctoral scholarship for international students enrolling in the field of Criminology. The program has the goal to train professional so that they can meet emerging and traditional standards of excellence in the sector of criminology. If you have a passion in this field then don’t miss out on the amazing opportunity to apply for the PhD scholarships in Criminology at the Catholic University.




The Catholic University is founded by Father Agostino Gemelli in 1921 in Milan. It also goes by the name of the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart. This university is the most important Catholic University in the entire European continent. Furthermore, in the face of growing international openness, this higher education institute is also the only Italian university which can boast a national dimension with its 5 campuses namely, Piacenza, Milan, Brescia, Cremona and Rome. This year, international doctoral students are encouraged to apply for the PhD scholarships in Criminology at the Catholic University whose goal is realized through a certain program which combines research, training and teaching.

The award is available for PhD students who takes study subject in the field of Criminology. In accordance with what the Ministry of Education, University and Research decreed, the total amount of the funding will be 15.343,28 euros gross annually. Doctoral students who are enrolled in their 2nd and 3rd year of study, in addition to the scholarship, will also be awarded with a net fee 200 euros every month on each month of collaboration with the Transcrime centre. This extra amount will be recalculated should the total of the scholarship established by law were to be revised. The award will be increased by 50% during periods overseas. Starting in the 2nd year, recipients will have a research expenditure budget equivalent to 10% of the funding/scholarship. In order to promote the internationalization of the doctorate, the qualified applicants residing overseas can receive up to 5,000 euros for documented accommodation and travel expenses incurred during the 1st year of their PhD program for the transfer to Milan.

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Eligibility Criteria:

  • Applicants must be international students
  • The doctoral students will attend graduate courses aimed at strengthening and completing the qualified applicants’ background (for candidates in the 1st year). All the needed course work that will be carried out will be defined upon admission to the program. Course work will be decided according to every applicant’s curriculum. Master courses will also include a final exam. Furthermore, all the doctorate candidates will be required to prepare a paper in English on a topic agreed upon with the professor handling the courses. Master courses may consist of:
  • Criminal law and procedure (Italian and comparative)
  • Statistics as well as advanced statistics
  • Criminology and applied criminology
  • The methodology of criminological research
  • Candidates whose first language isn’t English should provide evidence of proficiency in English.

Application Procedure

There is no deadline for the application for the scholarship offer is open all year round. You can participate in an informal pre-application process by sending an email with a CV attached to the Coordinator of the doctoral program at [email protected] (Prof. Francesco Calderoni). Then, applicants will need to submit a research proposal in English and to conduct a phone or Skype interview to discuss the proposal. See the official brochure for more information about the PhD scholarships in Criminology at the Catholic University.


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