IRCMS Fellowships At Kumamoto University

International students who plan to enroll in masters or doctoral degree and conduct biomedical research can apply for funding through the International Research Centre for Medical Sciences or IRCMS fellowships at Kumamoto University. Applications are invited for the 2019 spring intake. If you are interested, read more to find out!




The IRCMS was founded in 2014 in Kumamoto University as the centre of excellence for word-class research in life sciences through the establishment of global collaborations and internationalisation of its research environment. Through the IRCMS fellowships at Kumamoto University, international graduate students are provided with financial support to conduct cutting-edge biomedical research. Qualified candidates are expected to be enrolled in either a doctoral or masters programs at the University. They will be trained under the supervision of PIs affiliated with the IRCMS. The award itself will be competitive and successful students will be provided with guidance through the entry process of the Graduate school for Medical Sciences at the University. The graduate training which is also part of this fellowship will be conducted in English.

The successful students will be appointed as Teaching Assistant (TA) or Research Assistant (RA) and will receive salary as stipulated by the Kumamoto University’s regulation (1,220 yen/hour for PhD candidates and 1,090 yen/hour for masters candidates). The maximum work hours is 20 hours weekly and income tax will be deducted prior to payment. Note that, IRCMS will not cover other costs.

The fellowship will be tenable after candidates’ enrolment until March 2020 (one year). There will be one or two students that will earn this fellowship.

Other opportunity:  IPNP MSc Prize Scholarship at University of Edinburgh


Students must agree to apply for one of the departments here

How to Apply

Interested candidates must submit their applications by November 12, 2018.

Please email your application to [email protected]

Late application will not be taken into account. Please, submit the following documents within your application. Any missing items will lead to disqualification. Note: all of these documents must be in A4 size. Additional documents may be needed if necessary. The total size must not exceed 5 MB.

  • application form as well as a curriculum vitae with the designated format
  • Masters candidates must submit their undergraduate academic transcript while doctoral candidates must submit their undergraduate and master academic transcripts
  • One or two letters of recommendation from either mentors or teachers
  • Degree certificate
  • Official English test result such as TOEFL-ITP or –PBT/ IELTS/ TOEIC or TOEIC-IP
  • Any extra documents that you feel will help your case such as publications or awards

Applicants who are shortlisted for the IRCMS fellowships at Kumamoto University will be required to attend an interview in late November.

Note that, candidates are recommended to talk about their plan of enrolment with the Supervising PI ahead of time. In case the supervisor of the department cannot accept the candidate, then the application will be cancelled automatically.

Qualified candidates must have a presentation to demonstrate their achievement in the end of the fellowship. Moreover, students must also discuss with supervising PIs and then apply for extra financial support.


    1. Adane November 20, 2018
    2. yehuwalshet September 20, 2018
    3. Farooq Talal September 17, 2018
    4. Hedayatullah September 16, 2018
    5. dereje September 15, 2018
    6. Aisha Mohammed Aliyu September 15, 2018
    7. ahmed September 15, 2018
    8. Mustaf September 14, 2018
    9. [email protected] September 14, 2018
    10. Hafiz Muhamm Akbar September 14, 2018
    11. Meseredin Shafi September 14, 2018
    12. Meak Sophary September 14, 2018
      • Meak Sophary September 14, 2018
    13. Meak September 14, 2018
    14. Mathias camara September 13, 2018
    15. Fatush September 13, 2018
    16. Biniam chalache adane September 13, 2018
    17. Tewodros September 13, 2018
    18. fadumo abdiqadir September 13, 2018
    19. Hafeezulla September 13, 2018
    20. [email protected] September 13, 2018
    21. Biruk Gelebo September 13, 2018
    22. yehuwalshet assefa September 13, 2018
    23. Abdirashiid mohamed ali September 13, 2018
    24. Nor Abdulahi Abdi September 13, 2018
    25. Sakhi Muhammad Hammaas September 13, 2018
    26. Abbas khan September 13, 2018
    27. melkamu tefera jinfesa September 13, 2018
    28. Ahmed jama hasan bare September 13, 2018
    29. Shakeel Ahmed September 13, 2018
    30. [email protected] September 13, 2018
    31. Rahmat khan September 13, 2018
    32. Rafi September 13, 2018
    33. Rafi September 13, 2018
    34. Rafi September 13, 2018
    35. Rafi September 13, 2018
    36. Xafsa faarax siciid cali September 12, 2018

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