Chinese Government Scholarships At Harbin Institute of Technology

Students who are non-Chinese nationals and want to pursue either a Doctoral or master’s degree in any fields of study have the opportunity to apply for the Chinese Government scholarships at Harbin Institute of Technology. The scholarship program is open for the 2019/20 academic year. Apply before the end of 2018!

Scholarship Summary



Established in 1920, the Harbin Institute of Technology has progressed as a multidisciplinary, research-oriented, open and leading national university with engineering and science at its core. The university also encompasses liberal arts, management, law and economy as a whole. The Chinese Government scholarships at Harbin Institute of Technology offered for the academic year 2019 – 2020 provide qualified students with coverage for registration and tuition costs as well as accommodation fees. Students will also be awarded with stipend (3,500 RMB for doctoral students and 3,000 RMB for master’s students every month) as well as insurance coverage amounting to 800 RMB every year. The award is open for students wishing to pursue their master’s or doctoral degree studying any fields at the University.

Entry requirements

  • Must be of non-Chinese nationals
  • Must be in good health
  • Master’s candidates must have obtained their bachelor’s degree and must not be older than 35 years old
  • Doctoral candidates must have obtained their master’s degree and must not be older than 40 years old
  • Must show excellent performance in their study
  • Must have good ability in scientific research

Kindly note that students are not allowed to combine this award with any other scholarship. As for the English language requirements, all PhD programs will be taught in either Chinese or English except for Law, S.S., and School of Humanities. Master’s programs are taught in Chinese in general with the exception given to English programs of Management, Civil Engineering, Material Science, Electronics and Chemical Engineering as well as Life Science and Technology.

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If you have no command of Chinese, then you’ll be required to take one year course of Chinese language as well as be required to pass HSK 4 in order to continue to the next major studies taught in Chinese.

English-taught programs require applicants whose first language is not English to submit a certificate such as TOEFL (score must be 80 or above) or IELTS (score must be 5.5 or above) or any certificate from previous university.

To Apply

Please submit the following documents correctly and truly (in duplicate) and pay the material assessment cost accordingly.

  • An application form of Chinese Government scholarship (information can be found here)
  • Students available for online application of CSC (China Scholarship Council) must fill in and print the application form after submitting online (in duplicate). Application system can be found here. Pick type B with code 10213 for the University.
  • Highest study diploma (full time) and must be originally notarised documented in Chinese or English
  • Transcripts
  • A research or study plan
  • Two letters of recommendation by associate professors or professors in Chinese or English
  • Copy of passport that must be valid for at least one year
  • Copy of foreigner physical examination form
  • Bank receipt of material assessment cost: 400 RMB/60 USD
  • Acceptance letter (not mandatory)
  • Language proficiency certificate such as IELTS, TOEFL or HSK results (not a must)

Visit the scholarship’s website for more details on each requirement and how to submit. The closing date is on December 31, 2018 and no late application will be considered for the Chinese Government scholarships at Harbin Institute of Technology.

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