Master Scholarships at University of Technology Sydney

International students who wish to pursue their graduate studies by coursework and are looking for financial assistance can now apply for the master scholarships at University of Technology Sydney. This award call is open to overseas students applying for a Master by coursework program at the University. The scholarships are available to study any subjects offered by the University as well.


University of Technology Sydney

University of Technology Sydney

University of Technology Sydney is an innovative and dynamic university situated in central Sydney, Australia. It is one of the leading universities of technology in Australia and has a unique model of learning, a leading reputation for engagement with the professions and industry as well as strong research. The University has a culturally diverse campus life as well as vibrant overseas exchange study and research programs which prepare graduates for the workplaces of the future and today.

This year, the University is honoured to offer the master scholarships at University of Technology Sydney. The grant was founded to attract commencing foreign students already in Australia to enrol in a Master by coursework program at the University. The scholarship is worth $ 3,000 which is tenable to cover the first session tuition cost for one session only.

Suitability criteria

In order to be fully entitled to this Grant program, a candidate must satisfy all of the criteria stated below:

  • Candidate must be an overseas student. An applicant must not be a New Zealand or Australian citizen or permanent resident of Australia
  • Candidate must remain an overseas student post census date for the session in which they are awarded the Grant
  • Candidate must be starting as a full time student on campus (Sydney) in 2019
  • Candidate must fulfil all admission requirements for the Master by coursework program at the University Technology of Sydney
  • Candidate must have obtained his/her bachelor’s degree or higher qualification in Australia with at least overall average of 60% (applicable if the pass mark is 50%) no longer than one year prior to starting at the University, and must be admitted based on this qualification to the University
  • Candidate must not be a recipient of any other grant, scholarship or the Alumni Advantage Program from the University
  • Candidate must not be enrolled in a Transnational program at the University
  • Candidate must not be a government sponsored student
  • Candidate must not be a student whose course at the University forms as part of a package offer
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Application process

The University will choose the qualified students based on candidates’ academic merit in the tertiary qualification they have most recently completed in Australia as well as recognised by the University of Technology Sydney for entry into the chosen program.

A separate application is not needed in order to apply for the master scholarships at University of Technology Sydney for the University International will consider all commencing international students automatically with a completed Bachelor degree or higher qualification from Australia, provided they are also applying for one of the Master by coursework programs at the University. However, note that you must apply for the program no later than July 29, 2019.

For more information, please visit the University’s website.


    1. Abdirahman ali mahdi February 3, 2019
    2. Zeshan Pathan January 4, 2019
    3. Omid Walizada January 3, 2019
    4. Mudesir January 2, 2019
    5. Demise Bogale December 27, 2018
    6. Ismaaciil Bashiir Warsame December 27, 2018
    7. Irakoze kevin December 27, 2018
    8. Naimatullah December 23, 2018
    9. mekiya ereso December 21, 2018
    10. Sintayehu Abera Wondimu December 21, 2018
    11. Tsgab lilay December 19, 2018
      • hassan shahid December 19, 2018
    12. Md. Nowshad Munir December 19, 2018
    13. Bogere Alex December 19, 2018
    14. haftom December 19, 2018
    15. Ilyas Abdi Mohamed December 18, 2018
    16. bechlot tadele December 18, 2018
    17. Eyilachew ayana December 18, 2018
    18. cabdilaahi December 18, 2018
    19. Melese Ashagrie December 18, 2018
    20. Firehun Mulugeta December 18, 2018
    21. Rahimullah December 18, 2018
    22. Kiya Miresa Bakako December 18, 2018
    23. Bekele Tulu December 18, 2018
    24. Samuel Solomon December 18, 2018
    25. NEGASH TADESE December 18, 2018
    26. gebremedhin gebregergis December 18, 2018
    27. Demeke Moges December 18, 2018
    28. Céléstin NIYONSENGA December 18, 2018
    29. Nalemuta Ngoitiko December 18, 2018
    30. Janarthanan December 18, 2018
    31. Adil subhan December 18, 2018
    32. Mursal Hussein adan December 18, 2018
    33. Bernadette Mutoleka K. M. December 17, 2018
    34. Meshal December 17, 2018
    35. BERIHUN BANTIE TESEMA December 17, 2018
    36. Mebrahten Hailu Tesfay December 16, 2018
    37. Nshimiyimana Jean Bosco December 16, 2018
    38. Elizabeth Adesi December 16, 2018
    39. Mohammad Younas December 16, 2018
    40. Farhad Kh Hasan December 16, 2018
    41. Ali Ahmed December 15, 2018
    42. Birhanu Yirga December 15, 2018

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