Create DAV Summer School Scholarship for Undergraduate Students 2019

If you are currently pursuing your bachelor degree and are looking for ways to spend your summer this year then you should apply for the Create DAV Summer School Scholarship for undergraduate students 2019. This program will take place in Canada and is totally fully funded. This call targets at any students of all nationalities. If you think you are eligible, apply today!




CREATE-DAVE is jointly developed by York University, the University of Toronto, Concordia University and OCAD University. This is a training program that is funded by NSERC. This year, international undergraduate students have the opportunity to apply for the Create DAV Summer School Scholarship for undergraduate students 2019. All senior, preferably those who are in their 3rd year, undergraduate students who have a background in Math, Computer Science, Psychology or Engineering can apply. This is an interdisciplinary, multi-institutional creation program in DAV (which stands for Data Analytics & Visualisation) that will take place at York University, in Toronto. The program will provide an all-expenses-paid undergraduate summer school that will focus on big data science. The program will cover all transportation fees (which amounts up to $1,300 CAD) along with providing meals and on-campus accommodations.

Note that, in case the cost of the travel exceed the amount of the scholarship, then it is your responsibility to pay for the remainder of their travel expenses.

The program will include talks by CREATE DAV faculty as well as industry experts on current research topics in the field of big data science, along with hands-on experience in OCAD U and York laboratories. The curriculum will reflect the wide range of research areas covered at CREATE DAV, which will include research on data mining, machine learning, computer vision, signal processing, computer graphics, image processing, serious games, virtual human modelling, human perception & recognition, natural language processing, visualisation and design.

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All undergraduate students who are interested in pursuing a solid career in the big data science can apply. This program is intended primarily for students who are planning to apply to graduate school in late 2019, and those who are interested in investigating interdisciplinary research aspects of the big data science

Entry requirements:

In order to be eligible for this scheme, you must meet the following minimum requirements:

  • students of all nationalities are welcome to apply
  • Primary targets of applicants are undergraduates. However, anyone who is considering applying to a doctoral or master’s program can also apply

Application Method

Admission for the Create DAV Summer School Scholarshipfor undergraduate students 2019 is competitive, and most of the applicants generally have GPA’s in the A range. However, other strengths will be taken into consideration such as excellent quantitative skills or laboratory experience can make up for average grades.

Apply by submitting:

Irina Kapsh, CREATE DAV Program, York University, 4700 Keele Street, LAS 1012J, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M3J 1P3.

For referee: Please describe how you know the applicant, how they would benefit from this program and their prospects for an academic career.


    1. Humed ibrahim February 11, 2019
    2. Biniyam tiki February 7, 2019
    3. Gazi md.masud rana February 7, 2019
    4. Hassan February 7, 2019
    5. Ahmed February 4, 2019
    6. Omid February 2, 2019
    7. Milad Zareh February 2, 2019
    8. Shafiullah February 2, 2019
    9. yonas fekadu February 2, 2019
    10. JAAMAC ABDIRIZAK AHMED February 2, 2019
    11. Diriba Ejersa February 2, 2019
    12. jaamac Abdirizak February 2, 2019
    13. Faridullah imad February 2, 2019
    14. Muusa February 2, 2019
    15. Janet February 2, 2019
    16. HUMRAZ ABBASY February 2, 2019
    17. Ibrahim Tsayabou February 2, 2019
    18. Zabi ullah February 2, 2019
    19. Gulbudin February 2, 2019
    20. Zabi ullah February 2, 2019
    21. Surafel mucheye February 2, 2019
    22. Asmoth Ullah February 2, 2019
    23. seare berhane February 2, 2019
    24. Tesfahun February 2, 2019
    25. oswald February 2, 2019
    26. Nadeem khan February 2, 2019
    27. Isse February 2, 2019
    28. BEKELE DAWIT February 2, 2019
    29. Ogalla Obur February 2, 2019
    30. Farhad Merzaei February 2, 2019
    31. Tafare Ibraahim Hassan February 2, 2019
    32. Saleem February 2, 2019
    33. Nasir ahmad wahedi February 2, 2019
    34. Kyi Kyi Su Aung February 2, 2019
    35. Nobir Hossain February 2, 2019
    36. Mohamed February 2, 2019
    37. Ngobi Peter Mubito January 31, 2019
    38. Chali January 31, 2019
    39. JohnTillo January 31, 2019
    40. Abenezer mathewos January 31, 2019
    41. Liban Salah Abdullahi January 30, 2019
    42. Piseth January 30, 2019
    43. dr zaid January 30, 2019
      • Beilul solomon February 2, 2019
        • Beilul solomon February 7, 2019
    44. Chemical Brooks January 30, 2019

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