E-Commerce International Scholarships by Moappz Technologies (P) Ltd

Moappz Technologies (P) Ltd is proud to offer the new E-Commerce International scholarship call for international students. This award scheme is available for all high school, college and even university students across the world. Read on to find out more about the E-Commerce International scholarships by Moappz Technologies (P) Ltd if interested!

Scholarship Overview



strives to push the boundaries of technology and design. Mr. Gaurav Sdhev and Dr. Srucchi Goel, the founders of MoArmouz, embarked on the journey to establish the best mobile accessories. Their dreams fall in line with their enthusiasm and consequently, MoArmouz came into being to deliver services in the electronic industry.

They wish to extend their passion to everyone all over the world. Therefore, they offer scholarship program for outstanding and deserving students who have passion and interest in this field.

The E-Commerce International Scholarship 2019 is intended to promote future education. The award is worth $ 1500 in value. This amount will be awarded to one student per year and will be offered by taking into account academic merit. The scholarship is non-transferable. The payment will be made in the form of a check to the educational institution that the recipient is registered in. every scholar should have submitted all proof needed to prove they are a current student. Kindly note that there will be no cash awarded. Furthermore, receiving scholarships is contingent on all the terms and conditions as well as upon eligibility.

Entry criteria:

Applications will only be accepted if the candidates are able to show proof that they are currently studying and enrolled in an accredited high school or university or college institution.

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Candidates must at least be 17 years old. Students of all nationalities are welcome to apply for the E-Commerce International scholarships by Moappz Technologies (P) Ltd.

Application process

To apply for the program, you must write a 600 word essay on the following:

“Why is e-commerce good for the growth of the business? Tell us about the new business ideas that could cope well in the e-commerce world? How can these new ideas be beneficial to customers and make their life easier? Are you currently working on any idea that would ease the working of e-commerce professionals on a daily basis?”

Please forward your essay via email to [email protected]

Aside from the essay, you must also include the following materials:

  • A PDF or image copy of your current student ID (must not be expired)
  • Personal information, such as full name, telephone number, and residential among others, the name of school/university and area of study

All these documents along with the essay must be forwarded in a PDF form. The formatting is preferable if it’s in Arial, 12-point font and double-spaced.

Applications will be accepted until February 28, 2019 and scholarship recipient will be announced on March 3, 2019.

Should you have any query or concerns regarding the E-Commerce International scholarships by Moappz Technologies (P) Ltd, please submit your questions via email at [email protected]

    1. Del Hoesly March 30, 2019
    2. Abdulrazaq February 10, 2019
    3. Hanifullah February 9, 2019
    4. firaol zerihun February 8, 2019
    5. Ashish Biswas February 8, 2019
    6. Abdullah Qureshi February 8, 2019
    7. khalalid mahamed February 7, 2019
    8. shokrullah February 7, 2019
    9. Lamesign Aderashot aragie February 7, 2019
    10. Takunda Ruzvidzo February 7, 2019
    11. Mihretu Solomon February 7, 2019
    12. Hafiz Muhammad Sufyan February 7, 2019
    13. Mohamed mumin hassan February 7, 2019
    14. Sayed Nawid February 7, 2019
    15. Muzammal Nawaz February 7, 2019
    16. Ibsa Muleta February 7, 2019
    17. Chuol Duol Nyuon February 7, 2019
    18. tinsae dejene February 7, 2019
    19. Girmaw mulate February 7, 2019
    20. Sahane February 7, 2019
    21. Maslah Abdullahi Mohamed February 7, 2019
    22. Abdirashid Abdilahi Yusuf February 6, 2019
      • Netsanet melke February 7, 2019
    23. Siyat Jageya Bule February 4, 2019

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