USTB Full and Partial Chancellor Scholarship for the Non-Chinese Students

USTB Full and Partial Chancellor Scholarship is offered by University of Science and Technology Beijing for international students who want to obtain Master, Bachelor, and Doctoral degree. Foreign students from non-Chinese countries are encouraged to apply for the scholarship, especially if they are academically excellent students with impressive academic achievement. Besides promoting better diplomacy and cooperation between countries, the scholarship is designed to help students with educational lack of funding.

The Scholarship Description



USTB is a university located in Beijing, China, with a dedicated mission in education and social commitment. Their mission is to train and develop students with practical ability, innovation in engineering, integrity, and other disciplines to deliver the best performance and serve the society and industrial needs. The university is well-known for its material and metallurgy sciences. With the main focus on engineering, the university also tries to maintain a good balance of programs, including those related to law, economics, humanities, management, and science.

Successful candidates of the USTB Full and Partial Chancellor Scholarship will gain a lot of benefits, including helpful financial aid that covers campus accommodation, tuition fee, living allowance, and comprehensive medical insurance. Candidates to Bachelor degree will get 2500 Chinese Yuan per month. Master degree gets 3000 Chinese Yuan a month and Doctorate gets 3500 Chinese Yuan a month.

The Requirements

Just like other scholarship programs, USTB Full and Partial Chancellor Scholarship has its own requirements and procedural stages. The requirements are:

  • The applicants should be non-Chinese citizens
  • The applicants are free to take any study program that is available at the university
  • The applicants should be in a good health
  • The applicants should have a certificate from a previous degree and not exceed the age limit. Candidates for Bachelor degree should have a high school certificate and the age is between 18 and 30. Candidates for Master degree should have a Bachelor degree and the age doesn’t exceed 40 years of age. Candidates for Doctoral degree should have a Master degree and the age doesn’t exceed 45 years of age.
  • The applicants must complete all of the documentation requirements that include online application (as well as paying the fee) at onlineapply.ustb.edu.cn, application form, previous education certificates, official transcripts, and many more.
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How to Apply

The application will take place through online processing. Keep in mind that online application and also application fee will be applicable. The documents should be submitted to the International Student Center at USTB. Applicants should prove their fluency in English or Chinese. They should also get an offer from the university where they are applying for the programs (Master, Bachelor, or Doctoral). The application deadline is on April the 30th 2019.

A Word of Advice

It is crucial that applicants check and explore the official website at before sending their application. Anyone interested in getting the degree should understand the details, including the requirements, the procedures, and more in order to avoid mistakes and errors. If you are interested in applying for USTB Full and Partial Chancellor Scholarship, check the official site at www.ustb.edu.cn to get the deeper knowledge and insight of the program.


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