Allan and Nesta Ferguson Charitable Trust Scholarship for Master Degree Programs

Allan and Nesta Ferguson Charitable Trust Scholarship is given by University of Sheffield to targeted international students whose academic history and record is outstanding and excellent. Sheffield University is working together with the Charitable Trust to award scholarships to those international students who want to pursue their dream and continue their study to a higher level.

The Scholarship Description



The University of Sheffield is offering 10 scholarships for international students (coming from the listed developing countries). The field of study covers MA in Social Research, International Politics, International Development, Global and Political Economy, and more. The listed countries include Cambodia, India, Kenya, Indonesia, Paraguay, Vanuatu, and more. Interested candidates should check to the website. The scholarship includes free tuition, monthly stipend, and accommodation.

The Requirements

There are some basic requirements set by the admission board to help them filter the applications faster and more efficiently. It is just normal that all scholarship programs, including Allan and Nesta Ferguson Charitable Trust Scholarship to have their own requirements and pre-requisite regulations to help them choose the worthy (and qualified) candidates and separate them from the ones that aren’t qualified at all.

  • The applicants should be the citizens of the countries listed on the site
  • The applicants who successfully get the scholarship have the obligation and responsibility to meet the requirements and conditions attached to the offer before the given deadline
  • The applicants should get an offer to study at Sheffield University (with the eligible courses or study programs) starting in September 2019. Deadline will take place in May the 3rd 2019.
  • Any applicants that are successfully accepted for the scholarship should have a visa to study at Sheffield University in September.
  • The period of study is for (the start of) September 2019. It can’t and mustn’t be deferred
  • The applicants should be considered as international or foreign students for fee management
  • The applicants must be self-funded to be considered eligible for the program. They shouldn’t be funded by any private enterprise, research council, charity, government, or similar organization currently or previously
  • The applicants must not currently get any financial support from other organizations, sponsors, or programs, whether from external sources or from the university
  • The applicants should have a full attendance time
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How to Apply

Candidates should apply for the host university’s admission and get the offer to take a full-time study for one of the eligible programs. Only by then, they will be considered eligible for the application for the scholarship.  Candidates who are coming from the eligible territories or countries will be considered eligible if they are permanently domiciled or they are the citizens of the country. The deadline for the scholarship application is on April the 30th 2019.

A Word of Advice

Candidates should visit and check the official site to understand more about the scholarship and the overall standard. They can also access the application format and form, as well as getting the detailed info of the application procedures, scholarship applications, screening procedures, and more. If you want to learn the details of Allan and Nesta Ferguson Charitable Trust Scholarship, you should come to this site to get the overall info.


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