International Master Scholarship at Université Paris-Saclay

Students who want to continue their education to a higher degree and take a Master degree at Paris-Saclay Université should consider about taking International Master Scholarship at Université Paris-Saclay that starts in September 2019. The scholarship is awarded to highly-qualified and academically excellent students who are determined about their education and their educational focus.

The Scholarship Description



Paris-Saclay Université has a nationally certified master program and they want to promote the access to it, dedicated for international students. They will make it easier for the qualified and academically excellent students to develop their academic ability and project through research. Students who enroll in one of the member institutions are qualified for the scholarship screening. The participating institutions are Paris-Sud University, IOGS, INSTN-CEA, CentraleSupelec, Université d’Evry Val d’Essone, AgroParis Tech, and Université Versailles St-Quentin.

This International Master Scholarship at Université Paris-Saclay has a value of €10,000ayear that is available for ten consecutive months a year from September to June. The maximum award of €1000 for visa and travel will also be provided depending on the location of the candidate’s origin. The scholarship alone is for one or two years of study. It is subject to the students’ ability to complete the required credits so they can advance to the higher next level.

The Requirements

All scholarship programs have their own standards, regulations, and policies when it comes to meeting (and fulfilling) the financial support procedures. It goes the same with International Master Scholarship at Université Paris-Saclay. In order to be qualified for the scholarship, the applicants should follow these requirements.

  • The applicants who have enrolled in the higher education institution in France during the study won’t be considered eligible, except they have taken the education abroad
  • The applicants who have interrupted the educational study period for more than 2 consecutive years won’t be eligible either
  • The applicants who have already received any scholarship worth more than €600 a month isn’t eligible
  • The applicants are international students and just newly arrived
  • The applicants should be less than 30 years old during the selection period
  • The applicants are foreign students’ nationality living in France for less than one year. They are currently or previously enrolled in an internship or study course that doesn’t lead to any certification
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How to Apply

Students are expected to send out admission application to university and then get an offer to study there. Even after they are admitted to the university, it doesn’t always guarantee that they will be awarded the scholarship. They are entitled to take part in the scholarship screening but it doesn’t mean that they are guaranteed to get the scholarship.  Only particular students will be chosen and then contacted by the admission board, and then they can submit the application form through online.  The deadline for the full application receipt takes place in May the 13th 2019.

A Word of Advice

All applicants are expected to visit the official site to learn about the details and also gain access to the application form. They should also read the Scholarship Guidelines to learn about the process of the application, the screening process, and more. Those interested applicants should visit here if they want to learn more about International Master Scholarship at Université Paris-Saclay.


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