Goethe Master Goes Global Scholarship and a Chance to Study in Germany

Students who are from  outside Germany and looking forward to continue their study to a higher level (such as the Master level) should consider about applying for Goethe Master Goes Global Scholarship whose study period will about to start in September 2019.  The scholarship is designed and intended for international student with excellent academic achievement and determined to focus on the study and the program.

The Scholarship Description

Goethe Master Goes Global Scholarship

Goethe Master Goes Global Scholarship

Goethe Master Goes Global Scholarship is a unique ground breaking project in German’s academic landscape. They are offering around twenty scholarships a year for different MA and MSc programs with the focus on research.

The scholarship covers a monthly amount of €1000 for the standard Master program for2 years, career support that is managed through the Research Support Office, and also orientation and support from an experienced student buddy program.

The Requirements

All scholarship programs are the same – they have set up their own standards of ability’s measurement and performance. The same thing also goes for Goethe Master Goes Global Scholarship considering that they are targeting foreign students with their financial support.

The general requirements include:

  • The applicants are required to complete (at least) two thirds of their Bachelor’s program degree, or another higher degree that is equivalent to the level) at a university in other countries (outside Germany)
  • The applicants must complete their Bachelor degree in a relevant field to be qualified for Master program submission.
  • The applicants must pass the selection and screening process of the respective study program.
  • The applicants must meet the application requirements set by the programs, which may include academic background, language skills, etc.
  • The applicants must realize that there are certain (Master) programs that are embedded within the research units. In the event that applicants are applying for the program, they may be involved within one of the (research) units.
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How to Apply

Interested applicants are expected to apply via the uni-assist channel. It means that applicants should send the applications directly to the department where they are interested in taking the programs. For instance, applicants taking Biophysics subject should send the applications (along with the supporting documents) to the department because they will be responsible for the handling and management. It is not university’s responsible to handle the management – it is each department’s.  If applicants check the information page, they should see that they can apply via the department or online.

The deadline is various because it depends on each department’s regulation and policy. However, the general deadline is from May 2019 to July 2019.

A Word of Advice

Keep in mind that applicants must check the official website and read the overall requirements and guidelines thoroughly. As each department sets different policies and requirements, it is only crucial that they understand the procedures and steps. Don’t forget that there are different applications for the program’s submission and the scholarship but BOTH of them should be submitted at the same time.

Applicants who want to proceed to the next level are advised to visit the official link at this site. They should be able to get an overall understanding of the procedures as well as the details of the Goethe Master Goes Global Scholarship, so be sure to read them all.

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