Master’s Study in Europe Scholarship for The Future Leaders

Why should you consider applying for the Master’s Study in Europe Scholarship? Well, if you are a student that is coming from outside European regions or countries, and you want to pursue your higher degree in education, this scholarship can help relieve your financial burden. First of all, it is designed for the international students so you should make the best use of it. Second, it helps you to achieve your dream in one of the European schools or universities – an opportunity that not everyone has.

The Scholarship Description

International Masters scholarships at Université Paris-Saclay

Many of the educational institutions, especially in Europe, believe that students should be given the chance to study abroad so they can be individuals with open-minded quality. They are offering a scholarship of value €5,000 that can help the tuition fee cost. Thus, this Master’s Study in Europe Scholarship is created.

The Requirements

To be considered eligible for this Master’s Study in Europe Scholarship, all applicants are expected to meet these requirements:

  • All applicants should have applied (or will do so) to a school or university in Europe
  • All applicants should have applied (or will do so) for the Master degree program that will start in Autumn semester in the academic year of 2020.
  • The program should be taken in Europe and not in other countries or through online
  • The applicants should meet all the entry requirements that include language requirements (for taking the program) and own a valid Bachelor (or undergraduate) degree
  • The applicants should be eligible to get the study visa
  • The applicants will be required to study abroad – in a country that they aren’t currently residing or were born to
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Requirements for the candidates include:

  • Candidates who are interested in learning other cultures and having a globally-minded interest
  • Candidates who are excited to star their adventure and be willing to share their stories with the world
  • Candidates who are actively involved in various activities and extra-curricular groups
  • Candidates who have high (and excellent) academic achievement with consistent outstanding grades and scores
  • Candidates who are inspired and motivated to change the world positively

How to Apply

The application process starts to open from April the 8th 2019 with the deadline is on April the 13th 2020. The announcement for the winner will take place on June the1st 2020 and the semester will start in either August or September in 2020.

All applicants should submit their application form, along with the short essay consisting of 500 words to 700 words. It should be about, “Why did you want to study abroad and how it can help you as a globally-minded person?” The applications should ALL be submitted in English.

All candidates should also display proof of acceptance letter from the (host) university, their copy of identification, and copy of transcript. The copies of the documents should be done in color scans. In the event that they win the scholarship, they should respond within 7 days after the announcement to confirm whether they accept the scholarship or not.

A Word of Advice

Interested candidates should reach out to the contact person: Josh Hopton-Stewart at Karlavägen 104, Stockholm, Sto, 11526, Sweden. The contact should be done in email only, so send him an email at [email protected]. To learn more about this Master’s Study in Europe Scholarship, feel free to visit https://www.educations.com/scholarships/study-a-masters-in-europe-15211

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