MPOWER Global Citizen Scholarship for Students Studying in Canada and America

If you want to continue your study to a higher degree while enjoying a chance to see the world, which can enrich your life’s experience and open your mind of the global platform, then you should seriously consider about applying for MPOWER Global Citizen Scholarship. This is a financial aid program that is designed for international students taking their subjects in the USA and Canada. If you want to experience studying abroad and reach your dream, then this is an opportunity that you shouldn’t miss.

The Scholarship Description

At this institution, the people believe that higher education isn’t always the perfect answer to global development and success. They believe more in creating multi-lingual, globally-minded, and culturally competent future leaders and graduates that can deal with one of the most crucial issues of the world related to public policy, business, technology, and science. The MPOWER Global Citizen Scholarship is created to recognize the strength and potential of the international students. They are free to take any subject that they want since there will be no restrictions to the field of study in order to get the scholarship.



There will be around 3 scholarships made available for the candidates and the value will be different from one another – although they are all included within the same program of  MPOWER Global Citizen Scholarship. One scholarship has a value of $5,000, another one is for $3,000, and the final one is $2,000. Those awards will be given to (international) students of MPOWER schools.

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The Requirements

All scholarship programs have their own standard requirements to help the admission board to screen the candidates. And MPOWER Global Citizen Scholarship isn’t different from the others. The basic requirements include:

  • The applicants should be 18 years old or older
  • The applicants must have one of these immigration statuses:
  • F1 visa status for students at the US partner university or college
  • DACA recipient status
  • Green card holder for permanent resident
  • Canadian permanent residence documents or study permit holder for those studying in Canadian school or university.
  • The applicants must have enrolled and be accepted at the full-time study programs at either Canadian or American school

How to Apply

The deadline would be on July the 15th 2019 for Fall enrollment period. All candidates are to reach out to the contact person. For this scholarship program, the contact person is Maureen Klovers at 1875 Connecticut Avenue, 10th Floor, Arlington, Dis, 22201, United States. The contact number is 7035272172. Any questions, concerns, or inquiries related to the program can be sent to her email at [email protected] so all applicants are welcomed to have a go.

A Word of Advice

Candidates who are interested in the programs as well as in the scholarship are expected to visit the official site at https://www.mpowerfinancing.com/scholarships/. By coming to the website, candidates can learn the details of the scholarship – the principle, the procedures, the screening process, and the requirements. Basically, candidates can learn the details of the program and everything related to it if they want to visit the website and dig further for information. It is expected that they can also learn a thing or two about the chances to boost their possibility to get the MPOWER Global Citizen Scholarship.

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