Creative Biolabs Scholarship for Medical Research Students

If you are into medical subject and you want to continue your study in the field, you can get the financial aid through Creative Biolabs Scholarship from a biotech company, Creative Biolabs, located in New York. The winner will get the financial help for $1,000 for the study year. The amount of the financial support may not seem much but it is a great incentive and a token of appreciation of new research and improvements made in this field. International students are encouraged to apply, increasing the chances of young talents to contribute more to the medical world development.

The Scholarship Description



Creative Biolabs is the company that is focusing on the engineering and antibody production and they are always happy to support talented and ambitious young students in the medical world. The Creative Biolabs Scholarship program is created to support higher medical education and research, rewarding the winner $1000 for their outstanding academic excellence and achievements.

The Requirements

All financial scholarships have their requirements and standard measurements to screen the potential candidates. The measurement will be based on the educational merits and excellent academic achievement.  The basic requirements include:

  • The applicants are students from all around the world. They would be considered the international students
  • The applicants should enroll as the undergraduate, freshman, graduate, or also PhD students within the accredited university or college
  • The applicants should take science major that is related to Chemistry, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, and Biology
  • The applicants should have B as the average grade (around GPA 3.0)
  • The applicants should own the academic ability aside the GPA consideration
  • The applicants are expected to have the leadership quality which covers the ability to influence others positively and to organize others (whether in or out the school)
  • The applicants should have social concern with meaningful and purposeful participation in community, volunteer, and other services related to public service
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How to Apply

There will be several stages that candidates should go through for this Creative Biolabs Scholarship. The candidates should fill out the online application form first. There will be 6 topics that are related to science. The applicants should choose one of them. They should also submit the written essay consisting of 1000 words. The essay should be grammatically right and original. From this stage, 6 candidates will be chosen.

The 6 candidates would have to pick another topic from the 5 topics (which is different from the first one) and also submit a 5-minute video or a-12 pages of PPT. From this stage, a winner would be appointed.

The deadline is on June the 15th 2019 and also July the 20th 2019 for each stage. The announcement for the winner will take place on August the 1st 2019.

A Word of Advice

Interested candidates should visit the official website at here so they can learn the details of the processing and the requirements. For inquiries and questions related to the scholarship, candidates can reach out to the admission committee and send them email at [email protected]. Candidates should pay attention to these matters if they want their chances to win Creative Biolabs Scholarship to be bigger.


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