Nigerian Post Graduate Award and the Chance to Study in Nigeria

What’s so special about the Nigerian Post Graduate Award for the study period of 2019 and 2020? International students who want to continue their study at reputable and credible Nigerian university of any reputable university overseas.

The Scholarship Description

Nigerian Agip Exploration

Nigerian Agip Exploration

This Nigerian Post Graduate Award is provided by NAE (Nigerian Agip Exploration) Limited which is a private (limited) company providing sales intelligence data and lead over 120 million companies. It is based in Lagos, Nigeria, and it runs as Eni SpA subsidiary.  They are always looking for new talents that are ready to meet the challenges to be successful.

The value of this scholarship covers books, accommodation, tuition fee, living expenses, field trips, and also a return airplane ticket (economy class) for the chosen one-year studying course.

The Requirements

Candidates should keep in mind that requirements are created and set to help the screening process to run more efficiently and faster – not to make their lives difficult. This Nigerian Post Graduate Award isn’t different either because there are a set of standard measurements that are important to consider and take for the program.

What are the basic requirements for this program?

  • The applicants should have the Upper Second Class Bachelor degree and have obtained admission into the university for the Master degree program
  • The applicants shouldn’t exceed 28 years old by December 31st 2019 and they must have completed NYSC (National Youth Service Corps) program for one year. They should also have a valid passport for traveling for at least a year from September 2019.
  • All applicants are supposed to provide citizenship documents that include provisional admission letter, the passport photograph, valid ID card, a compliance declaration form from NAE, data page birth certificate (from the passport), NYSC discharge certificate, and other supporting documents
  • All applicants are required to be able to speak and understand English. They must provide the proof of English language proficiency and skill.
    All applicants are required to have the certificate for the first-degree program, including all the previous qualification and also academic certificates.
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How to Apply

Applications (and the process) will be done online. All applicants are expected to download the application form at https://dragnetscreening.ng/files/compliance.pdf  and complete it. The form also contains information about the scholarship(in a brief manner) so candidates are expected to download, read, and complete it to meet, at least, the initial requirement of form submission.

The applicants should be registered for the Master’s full-time degree program at any of the recognized and reputable overseas university or Nigerian university. Only after the candidates enroll in the postgraduate program and get the admission confirmation, they will be considered eligible for the financial support. The deadline is on May the 26th 2019.

A Word of Advice

All candidates are expected (and also encouraged) to check the official website to learn the details of the scholarship (the requirements, the screening process, etc) and to increase the opportunity to win the financial aid program. Candidates who learn more about the requirements and the procedures will understand the overall processing and what it takes to increase the likelihood of getting the financial support.

All applicants should visit the official site at here and learn more about the Nigerian Post Graduate Award

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