Research Lemmermann Foundation Fellowship Award for Studying in Italy

If you want to continue your Master and Doctoral degree abroad, why not applying for Research Lemmermann Foundation Fellowship Award that will take place in Rome, Italy? The scholarships are applied for several specific subjects that should be taken by the international students.

The Scholarship Description



The Research Lemmermann Foundation Fellowship Award is offered for the classical humanities and studies, especially  for students taking their Master or Doctoral degree. The study fields include:

  • History of Art
  • Philosophy
  • Musicology
  • Philology
  • Latin
  • Archaeology
  • History
  • Latin
  • Italian

The candidates should display a solid proof of their need to study and then perform the research in Rome. The research topic should be connected to Roman culture or Rome itself from any period –from the pre-Roman time to the present time. The value for the scholarship covers €750 per month and the candidates are expected to arrange their own accommodation and stay.

Another criterion includes Lazio residents who are actually excluded from this financial program. However, students coming from Lazio with impressive and outstanding research proposals will be awarded with the research una-tantum grant with a value of €500 euro.

The Requirements

Basically, the admission board has their own standard measurement to screen the potential candidates. The detailed requirements would be discussed further but the general requirements of the Research Lemmermann Foundation Fellowship Award include:

  • The applicants should be enrolled first within the recognized (and legal) university program
  • The applicants should be 35 years or even younger when the deadline hits
  • The applicants have the fluency and also knowledge of Italian language
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How to Apply

The applicants should follow the required procedures that can help the screening process as well as helping the candidates to improve their chances. They should reach out to the contact person, Valentina Nardo, who can be reached through c/o Studio Associato Romanelli via Cosseria 5 , via Cosseria 5 – 00191, Rome, Laz, 00192, Italy and the phone number of +39 06 324 3023. The applicants can also send emails (concerning the inquiries and questions) of the scholarship at [email protected]. The deadline for the application is on March the 31st 2020.

A Word of Advice

It is encouraged that all applicants are to visit the official website and learn more about the scholarship (and the process) so they can increase their opportunity to win the financial aid program.

All applicants are also encouraged to pay attention to these legal disclaimers:

  • Since the Lemmermann foundation won’t be able to return any (official and legal) documents that are sent by the candidates, they aren’t supposed to send the original ones. They are only required to send the copies.
  • The foundation has its own scientific board (committee) that will choose the students based on their potential and credential contributions to the (scientific) community. The decisions would be final.
  • After the reception, the recipients must return the (signed) contract in 2 months
  • After 12 months (a year) have passed and the recipient hasn’t communicated anything, the scholarship will be renewed and revoked.

Applicants are supposed to check http://www.lemmermann-foundation.org/ so they can learn the details of the Research Lemmermann Foundation Fellowship Award.

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