Suncor Emerging Leaders Award for Engineering To Study in Canada

Suncor Emerging Leaders Award for Engineering will give you the opportunity to continue your study to a higher study if you are willing to study abroad. This is a financial support that is given to foreign students who want to pursue their higher education and have excellent academic records and achievement. Those who aren’t afraid to meet new challenges while trying to improve themselves would be the perfect candidates to get the grants and the award

The Scholarship Description

Those who want to be an expert in engineering and explore their option for the higher degree in a university abroad can consider their options to apply for Suncor Emerging Leaders Award for Engineering. The candidates will take their higher degree in Waterloo University in Canada taking some of the engineering subjects that would be listed in the next section.

Commonwealth Shared Scholarship

Waterloo University is offering academic programs through 6 faculties and 10 faculty-based schools. The university is known for its excellent research, teaching program, and educational excellence. Candidates can go through and learn more through the award-winning leadership training programs.

This Suncor Emerging Leaders Award for Engineering is applicable to international students who can show their academic performance through excellent and outstanding achievements. The acceptable subjects or courses to be awarded with this financial aid are the undergraduate courses in Mechanical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Civil Engineering, Chemical Engineering.  The value for this scholarship is set to reach $10,000 per awarded applicant

The Requirements

All kinds of scholarships have their own requirements and standard measurement that can be used to determine whether a candidate is worthy of the financial aid or not. It isn’t different from Suncor Emerging Leaders Award for Engineering either because of the rather high number of the financial help which reaches $10,000 per candidate.

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The basic requirements for this scholarship are:

  • All applicants should have their (official) high school transcript score reports along with teacher recommendation, and the secondary evaluation from the school counselor
  • All applicants should be able to display ability to speak English through various documentation or records that can prove their qualification
  • All applicants are expected to submit a letter of motivation, a CV, an educational transcript, and a personal statement

How to Apply

Interested applicants need to register to the university, taking a (full-time) undergraduate degree program. After registering to the university and getting the invitation for the enrollment, the applicants will be considered eligible for the financial award.  The deadline is on June 15th 2019.

The screening process at this university is rather unique and different from the others because it involves an online interview. Candidates should have a good internet connection with good function of a microphone and a webcam. This virtual meeting will provide the opportunity for the admission board to meet the candidates personally and see how they are in person. The information about the online interview can be learned more in here:

A Word of Advice

All applicants are advised and encouraged to go to the official website and learn more about the scholarship as well as the detailed requirements and its process. Candidates who want to explore more options about the financial aid program can visit here. If you want to increase the chances of getting Suncor Emerging Leaders Award for Engineering, you should learn the details.


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