International Merit Scholarships at University of Southern Indiana

Foreign students whose nationalities aren’t American can consider about applying for International Merit Scholarships at University of Southern Indiana to continue their study to a higher degree and to experience another culture that is different from their own.

The Scholarship Description



The Southern Indiana University has existed since 1965 and they have had 80 different majors within their beautiful campus in Evansville, Indiana. The major known programs are Nursing and Health Professions College, Romain College of Business, Pott College of Engineering, Science, and Education, and College of Liberal Arts.

As one of the reputable universities in the USA, the university is working together with other nations and they offer study abroad programs –as well as acting as an institutional host to foreign students from all over the world. The International Merit Scholarships at University of Southern Indiana is given to intentional students who are able to show their dedication and academic achievement. The scholarship is provided to show support to enthusiastic and professional young leaders without having to burden them further with the financial hardship.

There isn’t any limitation to the numbers of candidates or applicants. All students from different majors and subjects are welcomed (and encouraged) to apply. The value of the scholarship varies in stages and it ranges from between $500 and $3,000 a year that can be renewable on a yearly basis.

The Requirements

As an official educational institution that holds the scholarship, as well as acting as the educational institution to the international students, the University of Southern Indiana has set up a standard requirement that can be used to screen the participants and interested candidates.

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The students are expected to enroll in the university and get the invitation or confirmation that they are admitted to the university. After they get the invitation, then they can apply for the scholarship. Be advised that both applications are different and not joined together.

Although further information is still needed, the scholarship is basically designed for incoming freshmen or the first time students who have never attended university or college after graduating high school.

How to Apply

Interested applicants of International Merit Scholarships at University of Southern Indiana are expected to visit the link to request for further information regarding the school and also the scholarship. By coming to the link, they can request for more information about the program. This is an annual program so there is no specific deadline for it. However, applicants are advised to reach out to the contact person for the detailed procedures.

A Word of Advice

Interested candidates are expected to reach out to the contact person. Since the financial support is dedicated for students who have spent a year of study at the university, it shouldn’t be a problem for the students to reach out to the person. Further inquiries can be requested at this link here as applicants only need to provide their data.

They can also reach out to International Student Services at 8600 University Blvd., Evansville, IN, 47712, United States. The phone number is 812-464-1768. If needed, applicants can also send emails at [email protected]. Hopefully, they can increase their chances of getting the International Merit Scholarships at University of Southern Indiana

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