International Students of Luminescence Dating Award in Denmark for Higher Level of Science Sector

Students who are pursuing their higher educational level as well as a chance to travel to other sides of the world can always think about applying for International Students of Luminescence Dating Award in Denmark. Any students who are looking forward to continue their study at one of the universities in Europe can always make use of this opportunity to improve their studying chances. It will open their minds to understand other cultures as well as gaining a higher level of knowledge and education.

The Scholarship Description

International Students of Luminescence Dating Award

International Students of Luminescence Dating Award

The International Students of Luminescence Dating Award in Denmark is designed and created to help international students gain the opportunity to study in Denmark and obtain better knowledge of the subject. This financial support is perfect for those who are interested in Luminescence Dating, such as the length of time for unsheltered mineral grains to sunlight or the sufficient heating. The study opportunity is granted by DTU Nutech with the Radiation Physics Division within Denmark Technical University.

DTU Nutech is seeking for the highly potential candidates for PhD positions for analyzing the migration chronology of the migration of (the early and) modern humans. The Denmark Technical University was founded in1829 and has been known as the Advanced Technology College. The scholarship value includes the working opportunity in a new environment that are ranges in various expertise fields, especially the ones related to radioecology, radiation physics, ionizing radiation, and also medical applications.

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The Requirements

The basic requirements for International Students of Luminescence Dating Award in Denmark are:

  • The applicants are considered international students who hold other countries nationality
  • The applicants can apply for Doctoral degree program within Luminescence Dating
  • The applicants should have a deep and genuine passion about the project. They should also be ready to commit and be a part of the full-time program and course.
  • All candidates should prepare a pdf file and attached to the application. It includes curriculum vitae, grades translation (in Excel sheet) to Danish grading system, a motivation letter, and academic transcript
  • All applicants should have a Master degree in archaeological science, geosciences, chemistry, and physics, or similar subjects
  • All applicants should display the ability to understand Danish language. However, the knowledge of English proficiency and skill is also important. They should show the written proof of these languages’ mastery.

How to Apply

Candidates for the scholarship will be considered eligible once they have enrolled in the study program at the university. Once the applicants have applied for the study and then admitted to the university, they can apply for the scholarship through online application and submission form. The deadline is on May 28th 2019.

A Word of Advice

Since the information can be pretty limited about the scholarship and since it is dedicated for students, interested applicants should contact the university directly. After they have enrolled in the program and be admitted in the university, they can gain direct access and freer approach to the information. The online submission can be done in this link but it is locked and only used by the students. Those who are interested in this field and subject should browse the internet more and access the official website to gain better chances to win International Students of Luminescence Dating Award in Denmark.

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