MBA SSE Scholarship for Master Degree Program in Sweden

If you are thinking about continuing your education to a higher degree in Economy while living in a foreign soil in Europe, you should probably think about sending an application for MBA SSE Scholarship program. This financial support program is created to help students taking their Master degree in Sweden as well as unlocking the potential candidates and their ability. If you are up for the challenge and you are ready to have an eye-opener experience of the world, you should seize this opportunity and move forward.

The Scholarship Description


This MBA SSE Scholarship program is basically a joint program between utbildning.se, Dagens Industri, and Stockholm School of Economics that is created to help academically excellent students from around the globe reach their higher degree. International students who can display their academic performance and excellence can expect this financial aid to cover their tuition fee. The scholarship is given to Master degree students in spring 2020 with Sweden as the host country and Stockholm School of Economics as the host university.

The value of the scholarship is SEK 495.000 or a full cover for the tuition fee. Students with the dream of obtaining their Master degree and study in one of the European countries are welcomed to take part.

The Requirements

All financial support programs have their own standard of requirements and this MBA SSE Scholarship won’t be different. The basic requirements are:

  • All applicants should have a minimum 3 years of academic degree and also 5 years of (relevant) working life experience
  • All applicants should display the knowledge in English language as well as the proof for the proficiency and mastery
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How to Apply

All applicants are expected to meet the requirements. The application process is done mostly online. Interested candidates can always check the official website and click on the provided button to make the online application. The deadline is on June the 24th 2019.

Keep in mind that not all candidates would be required to join further to the process. Only those considered qualified for the screening process would be asked to take part in the stages. Only 15 applicants would be required to provide a full application. And then it will narrow down to around 5 to 7 finalists to go through the interview stage.  They would also be presented to the juries who are the representative from 3 of the institutions – Stockholm School of Economics, utbildning.se, and Dagens Industri. Then the juries would choose the winner of the scholarship.

A Word of Advice

All applicants should really understand the entire process and procedures of selections which have been laid down and described in details. Therefore, all candidates are expected to visit the official website so they can learn and understand the entire procedures.

If candidates are still confused, they can also reach out to the contact person responsible for managing and handling this scholarship. The person is Mathias Flink at Karlavägen 104, Stockholm, Sto, 11526, Sweden. The phone number is 0004607000000000. Inquiries, concerns, and questions can also be sent through the email at [email protected]. Don’t hesitate to contact him.

It is still advisable that candidates learn more about the procedures and the stages. Please go and visit here to learn more about the details of MBA SSE Scholarship

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