Fulbright Australian-American Commission Postgraduate Placement

Australian students who want to continue their higher education and take the Master degree in the USA can think about applying for Fulbright Australian-American Commission Postgraduate Placement, a program that is designed by both countries. There are some requirements and a certain processing stages that all applicants should know so they understand the overall processing steps.

The Scholarship Description



This Fulbright Australian-American Commission Postgraduate Placement is a binational program designed by both Australian and American government (working together) with the aim of increasing better exchange of ideas, cultural understanding, and research collaboration between the two countries. There will be 5 grants available for the Australian candidates looking forwards to take their Master degree in American host institution. Although the main focus of this financial aid program is to help the Master students, PhD students are also encouraged and welcomed to send their application.


Australian and American Fulbright Commission is basically a (non-profit) organization that is sponsored by the Australian and American government. The Commission aims to provide an equitable, professional, and rigorous environment and surroundings for all the grantees as well as meeting the educational and academic goals.  With the help and support from Fulbright Commissions, grantees should be able to improve their thinking ability as well as developing a personality that is important for communication.


The scholarship value covers a partial tuition allowance fee. For the PhD students, the financial aid program covers an allowance fee for a visiting student researcher. Besides the financial help in the educational sector, the scholarship covers ASPE medical coverage that can reach $100,000.

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The Requirements

Here are some basic requirements for the Fulbright Australian-American Commission Postgraduate Placement:

  • Applicants with Australian citizenship are allowed to apply – provided that they can show the proof
  • All applicants who apply for the scholarship mustn’t hold or get any other financial support grant, including from Fulbright (in a form of a certain financial aid)
  • All applicants will be considered eligible once that they secured placement with the primary American host institutions –meaning that they should be admitted first to the university before they can apply for the scholarship
  • Eligible students are those who want to take a full Master degree or PhD students looking for an opportunity to complete their research in the U.S. Those PhD students are also eligible to apply for a full PhD program.
  • All applicants have to attach a pdf file consisting of a personal information, academic transcripts, and also a curriculum vitae
  • All applicants should display knowledge of English language including the written documentation or proof of the language mastery and proficiency
  • All applicants should have the undergraduate degree to be considered eligible for the scholarship application


How to Apply

The interested applicants should join the postgraduate degree course first (from the organization) and then they will be considered eligible for the fund application. The application process includes downloading the form that suits with the application processing.  The deadline is on July the 15th 2019.


A Word of Advice

All candidates are expected to check the official website (you can browse it on the net) to learn more about the procedures and detailed requirements for Fulbright Australian-American Commission Postgraduate Placement.

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