All Degree Funding for Engineering At Strathclyde University

International students who want to continue their study at Strathclyde University in Glasgow, Scotland, are encouraged to apply for All Degree Excellence Funding for Engineering Faculty that can help them with their financial condition or hardship. The chance to study abroad and the possibility to get the financial aid is an appealing factor that can financially help the international students in pursuing their dream – and better future.

The Scholarship Description



Strathclyde University is excited about providing All Degree Excellence Funding for Engineering Faculty to foreign students looking for the chance to pursue higher degree and accomplish their study. The scholarship is open and accessible for all citizenship (in any country) except for the European countries.

The University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, Scotland, was founded in 1796 with the name of Andersonian institute. It is an international open research college that is considered as the second-most well-known colleges in the UK.

The value of the scholarship ranges depending on the types of degree that the candidates are taking. The students taking undergraduate and postgraduate research will be rewarded £4,000 with the extra £1,500 for each (subsequent) year. The postgraduate students will be rewarded £3,000.

The Requirements

Here are the basic requirements for All Degree Excellence Funding for Engineering Faculty:

  • International applicants, including those whose nationalities are outside European countries, are allowed to apply for the scholarship as long as they have met the requirements.
  • Applicants who can apply for the financial support program should take these following subjects or course: Design Manufacture and Engineering Management, Naval Architecture, Marine and Ocean Engineering, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Civil and Environment Engineering, Architecture, Electronic and Electrical Engineering, and Process and Chemical Engineering
  • There are different admission requirements related to the previous academic background and history. Undergraduate program students are required to complete 75% of the application along with the high school grades. The postgraduate program students are expected to have 2:1 within their undergraduate degrees
  • All applicants should have the proof of admission in the desired program degrees at the university: the undergraduate, the postgraduate, or the postgraduate research
  • All applicants are expected to submit the required application form that goes with academic transcripts or educational records and also letter of recommendation.
  • All applicants must display the knowledge of English language as well as language proficiency and mastery. They should show the proof of 6.5 score for IELTS test
  • Those who get the scholarship is only allowed to get one financial aid program in a year
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How to Apply

All applicants are required to apply for the degree course and be admitted as the student before they can get the access to the financial support. So, they need to register to the degree’s program course first and wait until they get the confirmation that they are admitted. Once these students are admitted, they are considered eligible for the scholarship application. The deadline is on August the 11th 2019.

A Word of Advice

All candidates are expected to visit the official site at this link to learn more about the details of the scholarship. The detailed information of All Degree Excellence Funding for Engineering Faculty should be accessed easily if they get into the website.


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