Master and PhD Scholarship in Iran at University of Tehran-Kish

What’s the fuss about Master and PhD Scholarship from University of Tehran-Kish? Are you an international student who is thinking about pursuing your higher degree in the Middle East? If your answer is a yes, then you should send an application for the financial aid program. If you believe that your academic record is pretty flawless and impressive, and you can use the grant for the tuition fee, then this is your chance to prove your personal quality and ability.

The Scholarship Description

International students who are academically excellent and have shown an impressive academic performance can consider about applying for the study funding to help them relieve the financial burden. The Master and PhD Scholarship from University of Tehran-Kish is designed and dedicated to help students continue their study and reach for better future while enrolling in 2019-2020 study period at this University.

 University of Tehran-Kish

University of Tehran-Kish

University of Tehran-Kish is one of the most reputable universities that have existed for years in the Middle East. In fact, it is included within the lists of the world’s best universities with impressive qualification. Students are encouraged to develop future innovation and gain specialist knowledge. They can gain professional working experience while studying at the same time.

The value of the financial support program is quite generous, covering some of the most basic and important expenses. The lucky candidates can enjoy free tuition, insurance, relief in Persian language course tuition, monthly stipend, and also access to the dormitories. These are some of the privileges that the lucky candidate can enjoy from the institution.

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The Requirements

Those who are interested in sending their applications for Master and PhD Scholarship from University of Tehran-Kish should learn these requirements in detail.

  • All applicants that are coming from international citizenships outside of Tehran are allowed to take part in the scholarship
  • All applicants must send their application for one-degree program at University of Tehran-Kish within MA, MSc, and PhD degrees.
  • Interested applicants mustn’t be over 28 years of age for the MA and MSc programs. For PhD degree, the applicants mustn’t be over 32 years of age.
  • The scholarship is open for all subjects within MA, MSc, and PhD degree levels
  • All applications are expected to send their application along with the additional supporting documents that include academic transcripts, a CV, letter of recommendations, a copy of ID or passport, and statement of purpose
  • All applicants must display their knowledge and ability of English language considering that most of the classes will be done in the language. They must show a proof of documentation related to their mastery and proficiency in English language. The detailed requirements depend on the department.

How to Apply

Interested applicants must register first at the Master or postgraduate degree programs at the university. After they send their application and they have got the official acceptance letter, then they are eligible to take part in the scholarship screening. They can send another application for the financial support program to the International Affairs Office at Tehran-Kish University. The deadline is on June the 5th 2019.

A Word of Advice

Candidates are expected to visit the official site at this link to learn further about the financial aid program. Reach out to the contact person for further information about Master and PhD Scholarship from University of Tehran-Kish

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