MSc Data Science at African Institute for Mathematical Sciences

If you are within the final year of your Bachelor degree program and you have been thinking about continuing your study to the Master degree program, then you are encouraged to send an application for MSc Data Science at African Institute for Mathematical Sciences or any host (partner) institution. If you have the passion in data science discipline and you want to continue your study without having to worry about the financial concern, then you need to seriously take part in the scholarship (and the screening program).

The Scholarship Description

African Institute

African Institute

The MSc Data Science at African Institute for Mathematical Sciences is designed to help students interested in Data Science field to pursue higher education without having to worry about the finance. African Institute for Mathematical Sciences was founded in 2003 and it has been teaching basic mathematics as well as the applied one.

The value of the scholarship hasn’t been announced in details but the value is worth up to $10,000 (an annum) for a study period of 2 years, maximum.

The Requirements

Applicants to MSc Data Science at African Institute for Mathematical Sciences must meet these requirements:

  • All applicants from around the world with current residence citizenships are welcomed to apply
  • The scholarship is only open and available for a limited subject, which is the Data Science. Only students taking the Master degree course in the subject of Data Science will be eligible to apply
  • All applicants must have the BSc degree within any field as long as it is related to mathematical sciences. They should be interested in (and have the passion) in undertaking Data Science research along with the related disciplines.
  • All applicants are expected to have good mathematical knowledge, be passionate, and be open-minded. They must also be willing to do their research within the preferred Research Center or any other designated partner (host) institution.
  • All applicants need to send their application along the required supporting documents. Applicants are expected to provide accurate and complete referees’ letters of support (preferably directly), two referees contact information, as well as the copy of ‘Instruction for Referees’ and ‘Terms of Reference’
  • All applicants must have a strong command and mastery for the English language to take part of the program. They also need to show their mastery through the written documentation that they have taken IELTS or TOELF test.
  • All applicants must have a Bachelor degree within the relevant field. Having good grades and outstanding academic achievements (and performance) will help.
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How to Apply

Interested applicants must register first for the Master degree course at any partner host institutions. Once they have sent their application to take the MSc program and they have received the acceptance letter, then they are considered eligible for the financial support program. After being enrolled in the program, then they can gain access to the online application portal. They can apply there as well as submitting the required supporting documents. The deadline is by the end of July 2019 or September 2019.

Candidates are to visit the official site. They can check this link to get clearer idea ofwhat MSc Data Science at African Institute for Mathematical Sciences is all about.


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