Swansea University Tuition Fee Reduction for PhD Level

Students who have just completed their Master degree program and wished to continue their education to a PhD degree level can always apply for Tuition Fee Reduction for PhD Level that will take place in Swansea University in the United Kingdom. Of course, there is a limitation of subject for it since only students at Physics Department in College of Science can apply and be considered eligible for the financial aid program.

The Scholarship Description



University of Swansea understands that not foreign students have to struggle with different challenges, including the burden of academic tuition fee. The Tuition Fee Reduction for PhD Level is designed by the Department of Physics from the university to ease the financial burden and hardship of the students. Those who are academically excellent have a better study to continue their study in a foreign land in the UK as well as expanding their knowledge of the world in general.

The University of Swansea is known as one of the most reputable universities in the UK. The value of this financial support reaches up to £8,650 that is considered enough to help alleviate the financial burden of the students.

The Requirements

Interested candidates interested in Tuition Fee Reduction for PhD Level should meet these requirements:

  • Non European or non UK students are allowed to apply for the financial aid
  • All applicants are required to have the interest and passion in the subject, and the research field. They are also expected to pay £9,750 an annum.
  • The financial aid is limited to certain subjects or courses only, including Atomic, Applied Physics and Materials, Particle Physics and Cosmology Theory, and also Molecular and Quantum Physics
  • All applicants, especially whose English isn’t their national language, are expected to meet all the conditions and requirements, especially related to English language mastery. They must display proficiency and knowledge in English language since it is the language used in the classes. They need to show written proof of their proficiency shown through English tests.
  • All applicants are expected to have a Master degree (with Merit) or the equivalent, or the Upper Second Class Honor within the relevant discipline. Students who are academically excellent and have shown impressive achievement are welcomed to take part in the program
  • All applicants need to submit the additional support documents that include a degree certificate, academic transcripts, two reference letters, and a CV
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How to Apply

Interested candidates who want to get the financial help should apply for the program course first. They must register at the University of Swansea for the PhD program course. After they are officially admitted and accepted for the next study program, then they will be given an application form (PGR Fund) that should be completed. They can send the form back through email.

The email address will be given later after the candidates have officially been accepted at the university.  There is no deadline for this financial support program so candidates are welcomed to do it all year round.

Candidates are advised to visit the official site. Accessing the application form can be done at this link. Be sure to go to the official site to learn more about Tuition Fee Reduction for PhD Level.


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