University of Helsinki Scholarship for Master Degree

University of Helsinki is one of the top universities in Europe and they are now offering the so-called University of Helsinki Scholarship for Master Degree dedicated for the foreign students looking forward to study there. Interested candidates can enjoy several benefits while taking the program course as they can achieve their dream to get a higher degree and they can get a financial support while doing so. Not to mention that they can also experience cultural exposure that may not be available for everyone.

The Scholarship Description

International students can dream about continuing their study to a higher degree with the Master program from the University of Helsinki, especially since the university is also offering the University of Helsinki Scholarship for Master Degree as the financial aid program.



The University itself was founded in 1640, which makes it one of the oldest universities in the world. It is also Finland’s biggest university with the widest discipline ranges possible. There are so many different levels and degree courses available for students.

Students generally will get inspiring and supportive environment along with the faculties’ full support within the career path and goal. Candidates can experience the positive environment as well as world-class Finnish education system that have been famous all throughout the world.

The value of the scholarship will be divided into 3 categories.

The first one is the fully funded grant covering both tuition fee and €10,000

The second one is the full tuition fee grant

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The third one is the study grant of €10,000

The ranges of the tuition fee will range from around €13,000 to €18,000

The Requirements

So, what are the requirements to join University of Helsinki Scholarship for Master Degree?

  • All applicants whose nationalities are outside the Switzerland, the EEA, or the EU are allowed to take part in the application
  • All applicants must be considered eligible for getting the entry visa as well as a residence permit in Finland
  • It is possible that different departments or faculties will have different details regarding the requirements. Interested candidates are expected to meet those requirements, depending on the faculty and department
  • All applicants can take any Master degree subject or course to be qualified for the scholarship
  • All applicants are required to submit their application with the supporting documents that cover copy of the ID or passport, a CV, language ability certificate, and academic transcripts
  • All applicants must display their knowledge of English language if English isn’t their official language. They must take IELTS or TOEFL test in order to show their English proficiency and mastery
  • All applicants are expected to have a Bachelor degree with impressive and outstanding results

How to Apply

Interested candidates who want to apply for the scholarship need to register at the university’s Master degree course first. After they are officially accepted, they can complete the scholarship form-which is the same as the one used to register for the Master’s program. The deadline is in every December each year.

A Word of Advice

Candidates are encouraged to visit the official site at this link so they can learn about the financial support program and understand the general requirements of University of Helsinki Scholarship for Master Degree.

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