Copenhagen Business School PhD Scholarship in Denmark

International students who have just completed their Master degree program and thought about continuing their study to the PhD level should consider about applying for Copenhagen Business School PhD Scholarship at Strategy and Innovation Department. This financial grant can help these students achieve better education and also better future without them having to worry about any financial struggle or challenges. Being away from their home country is difficult enough so having such a generous financial support program can really ease off their burden.

The Scholarship Description

Copenhagen Business School (CBS) is creating the financial support program as a way to encourage students coming from all over the world wanting to conduct a research program with the help of CBS professors. After all, CBS is known as one of the most professional, prestigious, and reputable institutions in Western Europe as well as the world.

Copenhagen Business School CBS

Copenhagen Business School CBS

The financial aid program covers full salaried positions that include office space, tuition fee, traveling grants and also a salary within a monthly base. The value starts from DKK 28,837 (or around €3,865) that can go up to DKK 34,865 (or around €4,670). The value of Copenhagen Business School PhD Scholarship will be based on the seniority and also pension contribution that can reach a total of 17.1% from the base salary.

The Requirements

What are the requirements for this Copenhagen Business School PhD Scholarship?

  • The eligible applicants are students that are taking PhD study in Management and Economics only-not applicable to other subjects
  • International students whose nationalities are not included in Denmark citizenship are allowed to apply for the scholarship
  • All applicants are expected to complete their application (for the PhD enrolment) along with supporting documents that cover a CV, a copy of chosen written work, and lists of publications and papers. Further details or requirements will be discussed later.
  • All applicants must display basic training and knowledge within Master level.
  • Those who have held the Master degree for a year can also apply for the scholarship. PhD students taking the program with 1year Master degree will get the offer for a 4-year program. The students will be considered as a Master student within the first two years of the study program.
  • All applicants must display their knowledge of English language considering that the language will be used for classes. Interested candidates can display their English proficiency and mastery by showing a written proof that they have taken IELTS or TOEFL tests.
  • All applicants are required to complete their previous level of education. Candidates must show their Bachelor and also Master degree certificate with good achievement and academic performance within the relevant study or subject.
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How to Apply

Candidates must register to the PhD course programs first before they can qualify for the scholarship at CBS. All applicants must send their application for admission and wait for an acceptance letter. Once they are admitted to the university, then they can send their application for the financial support program. The deadline is on June the 12th 2019.

Interested applicants must visit the official site at this link. The application can be done at link. Candidates are expected to visit the site to learn the details of Copenhagen Business School PhD Scholarship.


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