Gordon Signy Fellowship in Pathology

If you have the interest and passion in pathology and you want to continue your study in a developed research program, then you should be seriously thinking about sending an application for Gordon Signy Fellowship in Pathology. This scholarship will help you (and enable you) to take part in a research project that will hone your skills in the best and most educational way.

The Scholarship Description

The purpose of this Gordon Signy Fellowship in Pathology is to help pathologists to study in other countries (other than their own) and then come home with new knowledge, skills, and point of view to help their patients. This scholarship is provided by World Pathology Foundation which is an educational, charitable, and scientific foundation promoting public health and safety. It is done through good standard development in clinical and anatomic pathology.

Gordon Signy Fellowship in Pathology

Gordon Signy Fellowship in Pathology

The Requirements

This Gordon Signy Fellowship in Pathology has the requirements of:

  • All applicants are expected to complete the application (download, completion, etc) as well as providing and sending the supporting documents along with the application. They need to send a disclosure of support, a CV, a letter from the institution, diploma and certificate, letter of reference, and also a short repot addressed to World Pathology Foundation.
  • All applicants are expected to show their knowledge of English language, at least the minimum requirements and knowledge for this financial aid program
  • All applicants must have the degrees certificates from previous level, especially in Pathology field with good and impressive academic grades
  • All pathologists from all countries in the world, especially from developing countries, are allowed to take part in this program – provided that they can meet the requirements
  • The acceptable subject for the financial support program is only Pathology and not other subjects
  • The scholarship is applicable for pathologists living in the country of permanent residence or country of origin at the time they send the application. They should complete their training in clinical or anatomical pathology – or one of the branches –before the beginning of the (proposed) fellowship training. They must have completed the training not more than 10 years before the application deadline.
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How to Apply

Since this sponsorship requires the candidates to show their true skills and mastery, interested candidates must complete the initial training in pathology before the beginning period of the proposed fellowship training. If they are able to show the proof of completion, then they are allowed to complete the application form for the financial support and then send it to the provided email.

Keep in mind that the email is protected and made confidential for the time being. Only eligible candidates are given the access to the email address. Candidates are advised to complete the procedure as soon as possible so they can learn more about the email. The deadline is on June the 30th 2019.

The financial support program has a value that reaches $5,000 and it is payable in two installments. If the candidates take part in the training periods that are more than 89dayswithn the discretion of Fellowship Regents, it is even possible that the candidates will give an award reaching up to $7,500.

Candidates are expected to visit the official site at this link so they can learn the details of Gordon Signy Fellowship in Pathology.


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