Fondation Hoffmann Funding for Associate Degree International Students

International students who want to take undergraduate programs while studying in the United States can always apply for Fondation Hoffmann Funding. This is a financial support program that is designed to help foreign students achieve their dreams studying abroad while pursuing their higher degree in education. With the hope that such a financial aid program can help these students deal with the financial struggle and hardship, the scholarship is launched through careful screening process and selective procedures.

The Scholarship Description



University of People is a non-profit American distance education institution that is located in California. They are offering Fondation Hoffmann Funding which is designed and dedicated for international students who want to continue their higher degree in Associate Degree while getting the financial help to alleviate their burden.

The university itself was founded in 2009and they are offering both undergraduate degree programs as well as the graduate degree. Students are freely choosing their study subjects the university. They can also experience great students’ life as their communication skills and personality develop.

The value of the scholarship is covering free tuition program that will be given to 10 candidates through the Assessment Fee Funding program. With the offer of free program, it is expected that students can get the Associated Academic Degree without having to worry about the financial planning or such thing alike.

The Requirements

What are the requirements for the Fondation Hoffmann Funding?

  • Applicants whose nationalities aren’t Americans are welcomed and encouraged to apply for the scholarship
  • The scholarship is open and accessible for any subject or course as long as it is within the Associate Degree in the university
  • Applicants are considered eligible for the financial program as long as they don’t get any other financial award or support from the university. They are also expected to be able to partially fund their course
  • All applicants must display their knowledge of English language if English isn’t their national language. They need to take IELTS or TOEFL tests first and then show the score to prove their competency and fluency of the language.
  • All applicants must complete their previous study. They need to show high school diploma or certificate to prove that they have graduated from the institution
  • All applicants are expected to complete their application and attach supporting documents that may include a curriculum vitae, a scan or copy of their passport, language ability scores, and high school diploma
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How to Apply

All candidates are expected to register to take the program course first before they can apply for the financial support program. They must complete the admission process (to the Associate Degree program) first and get the letter of acceptance from the university before they can apply for the scholarship. When they are admitted to the university, they will be asked (by the university) to complete the admission process for the scholarship.

The application for the financial aid program is always open so there is no specific deadline about it. As long as the candidates apply for the Associate Degree course level and they can meet the requirements, they would be considered eligible to get the financial help.

Interested applicants are expected to visit the official site. They can take the online application at this link but they are advised to visit the site first to understand the overall concept of Fondation Hoffmann Funding.


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