IESEG Master of Science Scholarship in France

Students who have completed their undergraduate degree course (and have obtained their Bachelor degree) can always consider taking the IESEG Master of Science Scholarship to help them deal with financial matter when taking the Master degree in France. The financial support program, after all, is designed and dedicated to help international students (with excellent academic performance and achievement) cope with their financial struggle and hardship.

The Scholarship Description

IESEG is short for Institut d’Economie Scientifique Et de Gestion or the Institute Of Scientific Economy and Management in France that offers a quality education level to create a professional entrepreneurship and skills to students –whether they are the locals and internationals. The school for Business and Management level is offering IESEG Master of Science Scholarship, a financial aid support, designed and dedicated to help the international students achieve their dreams and obtain professional degree.



The IESEG Master of Science Scholarship is a good chance for those who want to get their Master degree in one of the popular European countries with 50% of tuition waiver offered. The institution was set up in 1964 and apart of Lilie Catholic University. The university is able to sit on the 21st place in the global platform list. Students are expected to see and enjoy great teaching quality and world-class performance with the best facilities.

The value of the financial support program is offering a wide variant of funds that are covering tuition fee up to the 50% of the total cost to the successful candidates.

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The Requirements

When applicants are interested in coming to France and take the IESEG Master of Science Scholarship, here are the initial requirements that they need to meet:

  • Applicants whose nationalities are from Europe or non-Europe countries are allowed to take part in the process
  • All applicants are expected to be the ones having the academic proficiency and able to show good performance
  • The applicants are allowed to apply for the Master degree course program within International Business Negotiation subject at the school
  • All applicants are expected to complete their undergraduate degree before taking the Master degree course
  • All applicants are supposed to complete the application along with the additional supporting documents that include a CV, an academic transcripts, a test score of language proficiency, a resume, and a copy of passport
  • All applicants whose national language isn’t English are expected to display their knowledge of English language since the classes will be done in English. Not only they are required to take English tests, but there are specific requirements for the score. The TOEFL test should be at least 85 iBT level and the IELTS score should be at least 6.5.

How to Apply

Interested applicants are expected to register for the Master degree course at the institution. Once the applicants get the admission letter, they are automatically considered eligible for the scholarship screening processing. The deadline is on June the 14th 2019 for non-European applicants and June the 28th 2019 for the European applicants.

All candidates are expected to visit the official website at here so they can learn the details of the financial support program. They should be able to understand the IESEG Master of Science Scholarship concept before sending the application.

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