Master Santander International Scholarship at Brighton University

Students who have completed their Bachelor degree and looked forward to continuing their higher study can think about applying for Master Santander International Scholarship that will take place in the United Kingdom (to be exact in Brighton University) within a study period of 2019. Of course, there are some requirements that they need to meet as well as some procedures that they need to take if they want to have a higher chance of getting the scholarship.

The Scholarship Description

The Master Santander International Scholarship is provided for students taking the Master degree program at Brighton University in the UK. The scholarship itself is funded by the network of Santander Universities who want to dedicate their service in helping international students completing their Master degree course in the country.



The university was founded in 1858 as Brighton College of Art. In 1992, however, it received the university status officially. Now it is a public university with various award degrees. The value of the financial support fund is available for 15 lucky candidates. The receiver can expect a reduction of their tuition fee up to £2,000 for their study course.

The Requirements

What are the requirements that you need to take for the Master Santander International Scholarship?

  • Eligible candidates are coming from certain countries, including South American countries (Peru, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, etc), United Arab Emirates, Qatar, European countries (Spain, France, Poland, Italy, Germany, etc), Russia, China, Singapore, and America
  • The applicants can’t get other financial awards from the university
  • It is important that applicants have already registered for the fulltime Master degree program at Brighton University
  • All applicants must complete their previous degree. If they are applying for the Master degree, they need to have a Bachelor degree. If needed, applicants need to show or display the academic qualification certificates
  • All applicants are expected to complete their application. For the initial process, the applicants have to provide language scores and ability proof, a copy of their passport, a CV, and also academic transcript. It is possible that the university may ask some other additional documents during the admission time
  • All applicants are expected to display their knowledge of English language considering that most of the classes will be delivered in the language, especially if their national language isn’t English. They need to show their mastery and fluency in the language by providing the suitable test certificate of the language test, such as TOEFL or IELTS tests.
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How to Apply

Applicants would be considered eligible for the scholarship screening process if they have registered first in the Master degree program taking place at the university. They are required to send their admission application to the Master coursework first. After they have got a letter of acceptance, then they are given the email address where they are allowed to submit their application to. For now, the information about the email address is still confidential.  The deadline is on June the 30th 2019.

All applicants are encouraged and advised to visit the official site at this link so they can learn the details for the Master Santander International Scholarship


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