Tasmania Graduate Research Award Program in Australia

Tasmania Graduate Research Award is a program that is designed by the university with the hope that foreign students would be interested in applying in. The university is providing a way for international talents to join in the research program not only to enhance their academic skills and ability but to lead them to a better path and future. The program is inviting students who pursue their degree programs (either Master or Doctoral level) while continuing their study in Australia.

The Scholarship Description



The University of Tasmania is inviting students from all over the world to take part in their research program and gain a chance in Tasmania Graduate Research Award. The main purpose is to create a good and trusted value of the research program as well as inviting academically excellent students to join the cause. Any professional and talents from any nationality are welcomed because the university believes that the future lies in the hand of the future generations.

The value of the financial support program will cover a stipend that reaches AUS$27,500 an annum. Students are allowed to send their application for one-off relocation (along with the allowance) covering the travel expenses. The financial aid can be reimbursed up to around AUS$2,000 from the total value upon receipt production.

The Requirements

What are the general requirements for Tasmania Graduate Research Award?

·         All applicants must realize that this is a full-time study program so they need to commit to the study. They must not get any other financial support or help within the equivalent value or within the same degree.

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·         All applicants who want to get the financial support program must register and join the Master or Doctoral degree course at Tasmania University. Any subject or field that is taken is allowed as long as they are taking it within the course degree level.

·         International students whose nationalities are outside of Australia are allowed to take part in the program

·         All applicants are required to display their knowledge of English language if English isn’t their national language. They must take IELTS or TOEFL test and show the certificate to demonstrate their mastery and fluency of the English language.

  • All applicants must complete their tertiary education. They need to complete at least four years of the period and have an Honor degree of upper second class, at least. Academic achievement and excellence is a crucial factor that can determine their success in getting the scholarship.
  • All applicants must complete their application and submit the supporting documents that cover a copy of the passport, a CV, the English language certificate, and also academic transcripts.

How to Apply

Interested applicants who want to take part in the graduate research program must register first to the university. They can send their application for Master or Doctoral degree programs and wait for the admission letter. Once they get the admission letter, then can access the online application (for the financial support program) and complete the application

There is no specific deadline for the process. The application and the financial support program is an on-going program that remains available as long as there are candidates and they can meet the requirements. It is an open deadline without any time limit.

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Interested candidates are encouraged to visit the official site at here to understand and learn more about Tasmania Graduate Research Award.

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