Doctoral EDUFI Fellowship Program in Finland

Students who have completed their Master degree program can think about pursuing their educational dream by applying for the Doctoral EDUFI Fellowship program. With this financial support program, they can continue their study in obtaining a Ph.D. degree at one of the (accredited) Finnish host institutions. This program is designed for international students who are academically excellent but facing financial hardship.

The Scholarship Description

International students can think about continuing their study in Finland within the study period of 2019-2020. The Doctoral EDUFI Fellowship program is open and available for Doctoral students and researchers who want to get their Doctorate or even Double Doctorate degrees at the Finnish university. However, this program doesn’t support the Master level study or post-doctoral research.



There is no official announcement of how many scholarships will be provided. The scholarship may be given from 3 months to 12 months with the value of around €1,500 per month. The financial aid is awarded to provide living expenses while living in Finland. EFI doesn’t cover expenses for travel (from or to Finland) and there is no extra housing allowance is paid.

The Requirements

All financial support programs have their own requirements for the screening process. For this Doctoral EDUFI Fellowship program, the requirements include:

  • The scholarship is open and made available for international students from all over the world although the focus will be given to students from North America, Brazil, Chile, India, China, and Russia.
  • All applicants are expected to display their knowledge of the English language and show their proficiency in the language by taking IELTS or TOEFL test. If they have the knowledge of the Finnish language, it would be even better.
  • The scholarship will be provided to all Doctoral students within all academic subjects or fields
  • All applicants are expected to complete their applications as well as providing the needed supporting documents. The required documentation depends on each course or subject.
  • Applicants must complete their previous study level which means that they need to have a Master degree
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How to Apply

Unlike other scholarship programs, it is the hosting university that can apply for the program. They will act as the applicant as the students’ behalf to make sure that the students won’t misuse the grant.

The applicants need to contact the Finnish hosting university and also visit the university’s official site especially for the Doctoral study and also research options. If the university is willing to be the students’ host, then they could apply for the scholarship (acting as the students’ behalf). Only the hosting university that is allowed to apply for this program.

The scholarship program opens all year long so there is no specific deadline or whatsoever. However, it would be better if applications are submitted 5 months before the scholarship period starts, at least.

Final Words

Interested applicants are advised to visit the official site at this link to find the detailed information of the scholarship as well as downloading the application form. Interested in the program? Check the website and learn more about the Doctoral EDUFI Fellowship program.


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