Master Degree IO-MBA Scholarship in Geneva

Foreign students looking forward to continuing their study at Geneva University can think about sending their application for Master Degree IO-MBA Scholarship that enables them to study abroad as well as getting the financial support to help them with their study. Full-time international students are considered eligible to get the financial grant because they often face financial challenges and hardship as they try to complete their study. With this financial aid program, it is expected that the students can relieve their financial burden and they can complete their study to finally get the degree.

The Scholarship Description

IO-MBA is short for International Organizations MBA that can be found at Geneva University.  This is a program that is provided by the university to help their full-time students taking the Master degree course. This is a study opportunity provided to international students looking forward to studying in Geneva, Switzerland. The study course period itself will start in September 2019.



The Master Degree IO-MBA Scholarship is focused on tuition fee reduction for active students or NGO partners taking part in the program. The coursework itself explores the contemporary and advanced management techniques and tools that connect practice and theory within the international organization context.

The Requirements

Here are some basic and general requirements for the Master Degree IO-MBA Scholarship:

  • The financial aid program is available and made accessible for full-time students taking the Master degree in Business Administrations. Other subjects or fields aren’t available to get the financial help
  • Up until now, there is no specific information about the number of financial grants. The value of the scholarship itself varies – and it starts from around 5,000 CHF and more
  • The financial support program is open and can be accessed by students from all areas in the world, which include candidates coming from developing countries, candidates working or taking part in the nonprofit organization, and also international candidates
  • The financial support program is generally based on financial need and academic merit. Candidates who are able to meet all the requirements and have an impressive academic achievement (and performance) will get a higher chance to get the scholarship
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How to Apply

Interested applicants are expected to visit the official site to apply. They can also learn the details of the scholarship (including the screening process, the detailed requirements, the concept of the financial support program, and such thing alike) so they can consider about the general requirements for the application.

The link is available at http://iomba.ch/. The deadline for the application is on June the 30th 2019. But early subscription will get the priority so it is advised that interested applicants send their applications as early as possible.

Final Words

As it was mentioned before, the link to send the application is located within the same official website where further information about the financial support program can be found and learned. It is advised that candidates come to a section of Scholarship Program to get the additional information. All applicants should visit the site at this link in order to learn more about the Master Degree IO-MBA Scholarship.

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