Master’s Degree Wellcome Fellowship Program

Students who are looking forward to continuing their study abroad can consider applying for Master’s Degree Wellcome Fellowship that is focusing on Tropical Medicine and Public Health. The financial support program is dedicated and focused on students from developing and middle-income countries that want to continue their postgraduate degree after getting the Bachelor degree. There are some requirements that most applicants need to take if they want to have the chance to get financial aid.

The Scholarship Description

The Master’s Degree Wellcome Fellowship is a financial support program that is offered and provided for students coming from developing countries as well as the low and middle-income countries to help them get the Master degree. Wellcome Institution is offering the program that is related to Tropical Medicine or Public Health in any university in the world. They even support the Master Program for distance learning, if necessary.


For the research project, it should be taken with the eligible organization or institutions. It must be taken within the science focus and remit of the Trust concerning the health priority in those countries. The course will start in 2020 and the deadline will take place in August 2019. There is no specific information about how many grants will be provided for now.

The value of the scholarship is reaching £120,000 that covers studentship stipend, research expenses, fees, and salary. The financial support program itself lasts for 30 months that include the Master taught the course for 12 months and research project for 18 months.

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The Requirements

What does it take to be eligible for taking part in the Master’s Degree Wellcome Fellowship? The requirements include:

  • The applicants are coming from developing countries or low or middle-income countries
  • The applicants’ research is about the health priority within their low or middle-income areas or countries
  • The applicants have sponsorship from the eligible and reputable host organization within the low or middle-income regions or countries
  • The applicants must have undergraduate degrees (whether it is non-clinical or clinical) in the related and relevant subject
  • Applicants who are still within their early career’s stage (even with limited research experience) are welcome – as long as they have demonstrated the aptitude for and also the interest in the research.
  • Applicants must complete their undergraduate course and have a Bachelor degree

How to Apply

It is crucial that interested applicants send their scholarship application through WTGT (Wellcome Trust Grant Tracker) that is generally opened twice in a year. The next deadline for the application is on August the 30th 2019.

Applicants are encouraged to reach out to the contact person so they can get the details of the requirements as well as the screening process.

Final Words

Applicants must visit the official link to gain a better knowledge of the scholarship as well as accessing the application form. By coming to the official link, they can learn the details of the program in order to avoid mistakes and errors. The website can be accessed at this link and applicants are encouraged to learn more about the Master’s Degree Wellcome Fellowship program.

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