Postgraduate Adelaide Scholarship International Program Study Chance

International students completing their Bachelor degree and thinking about continuing their study at Adelaide University to obtain the Master degree program can seriously consider applying for Postgraduate Adelaide Scholarship International Program. The program is dedicated to foreign students who have completed their Bachelor degree program and looking forward to obtaining a higher degree in the next postgraduate level for the better career and brighter future.

The Scholarship Description



The Postgraduate Adelaide Scholarship International Program is offered by Adelaide University to attract international students as well as helping them achieve their educational dream. The value of the scholarship covers several important elements, including the annual living allowance (that may reach $28,000), (overseas) student health cover that will be applicable if the holder has the 500 subclass visa, and also the course tuition fees. The scholarship lasts for 2 years (if the candidates are taking by research Master degree) and 3 years (if the candidates are taking the Doctoral Research degree). There is also a possible extension but only for the Doctoral program.

The Requirements

  • Eligible applicants should have completed the Australian First Class Honor level or the equivalent degree level (which means that they need to complete the 4-year degree including the final year’s major research project). They need to complete the entire qualifying study programs.
  • Applicants must understand and realize that scholarship will be granted based on research potential and academic merit – and it doesn’t include extra-curricular achievements
  • Applicants aren’t allowed to hold a research qualification (regarded by Adelaide University) to be the Equivalent for the Australian Research Doctorate level. If they are taking the Research Master degree, they must not have the research qualification that is regarded by the university
  • Applicants must show their knowledge and mastery of the English language. There will be a minimum proficiency requirement for applicants whose national language isn’t English and international applicants are expected to meet the minimum requirement.
  • Eligible applicants are those coming from international countries outside of Australia and New Zealand. Those who have Australia or New Zealand’s citizenship – including Permanent Residency holders of those two nations – are considered ineligible for the application.
  • All applicants must be registered as international students at the University of Adelaide. They also must maintain the status (the international student) during their study enrolment in the university.
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How to Apply

Keep in mind that the overall operation and process of Postgraduate Adelaide Scholarship International Program will take place in the online system so the applicants need to make sure that they have a strong and stable internet connection. The formal application should be submitted for the Scholarship and Admission. The entire process doesn’t require any application fee. For the enrolment period that takes place for Semester 1 in 2020, the deadline is on August the 31st 2019.

Final Word

It is crucial that interested applicants are visiting the official website so they can learn about the concept of the financial support program. All candidates are expected to understand the process and the requirements so they can achieve a higher opportunity to get the scholarship. They can find the website at this link and learn further about Postgraduate Adelaide Scholarship International Program.

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