Postgraduate Rhodes Global Scholarship in Oxford University

Postgraduate Rhodes Global Scholarship is created and dedicated to international students looking forward to taking and complete their postgraduate degree (whether a Master or Doctoral degree) abroad while gaining experience in the global study course. International students will have the chance to continue their study in the United Kingdom where the course period will start in October 2020.

The Scholarship Description



The Postgraduate Rhodes Global Scholarship is provided by Oxford University to find outstanding and excellent young leaders who want to engage with global challenges with the aim to promote international peace and understanding. The host institution is the University of Oxford in the UK covering all postgraduate degree courses for full-time students.

The Value

The scholarship is limited to two grants only so it is highly competitive. The value of the scholarship will cover college and university fees. It also covers living stipends (worth of £15,144 an annum), the application fee, and also airfare tickets.  The tickets are one economy class to Oxford and one economy class for a return flight to the home country of the candidate.

The scholarship covers two years of a period which is subjected to (always) satisfactory personal conduct and academic performance. It is also possible that the coverage scholarship is extended to the third year if the students are taking the Ph.D. course.

The Requirements

What are the basic requirements for Postgraduate Rhodes Global Scholarship?

  • The candidates must be over 19 years of age and not over 25 years of age by October the 1st 2020.
  • The candidates must have completed their undergraduate degree with a minimum GPA of 3.70 or the First Class Honor. Successful candidates are those with academic excellence that generally sits on the top ranks of the graduating classes.
  • Eligible applicants are those coming from any nationality from different parts of the world. As long as they meet the requirements, they are considered legal and eligible for the application
  • All candidates whose national language isn’t English must display their knowledge of the language. They need to meet the high standard of English proficiency and mastery (within Higher Level standard) at the university.
  • All applicants are required to complete their application and submit the supporting documents before the given deadline.
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How to Apply

Application is based on the university’s nomination. Each university is given limited nomination numbers that they can meet and make within a yearly basis. Applicants need to register to the postgraduate course programs first and become a full-time student. They should choose the most (appropriate) nominator through the application form. When the nomination has been accepted, candidates will be given permission to submit the form. The scholarship program will start opening on June the 1st 2019 and the deadline is on July the 31st 2019.

Final Words

It is only crucial that all candidates come to the official website at this link so they can find and learn about the detailed information related to the financial support program. Visit the link to learn more about Postgraduate Rhodes Global Scholarship.


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