Robert Gordon University Scholarship in The United Kingdom

There are always options to continue your study abroad if you know where to get financial support program such as Robert Gordon University Scholarship in the UK. You can choose any educational level that you want, including the undergraduate degree course program that can start your path into a successful future and better career option. Moreover, not everyone is able to continue their study in England, so you should make the best out of it.

The Scholarship Description



The international students are getting financial help from RGU (Robert Gordon University) because the institution understands how challenging life can be for foreign students. And with the fact that some of these students have good academic performance and outcome, it is only logical that the Robert Gordon University Scholarship is made available to ease off their financial hardship.

The Requirements

Here are some of the basic general requirements for the Robert Gordon University Scholarship:

·         All applicants must show their ability and knowledge of the English language especially if their local language isn’t English. They must take the IELTS or TOEFL test and show the written documentation as proof of their English language mastery and proficiency.

·         All applicants need to contact the program course they want to take. The information about the further detailed requirements will be provided by the admission committee. Each degree program has different requirements and processing stages, so it depends on the course and department.

·         All applicants are expected to complete the application as well as providing the additional supporting documents, including a scan or copy of the passport, language ability proof, a CV, and academic transcripts. Further requirements may be asked later.

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How to Apply

For the undergraduate degree course, the institution provides 2 different award types. Applicants must register and enroll in the degree level program first (at the university) and get the acceptance letter. When they have enrolled and got the admission letter, they are considered eligible to send an application to the board via this email. The email will reach the board of Undergraduate Vice-Chancellor Scholarship. Basically, applicants need to register and become the students of the university and they will be automatically considered eligible to get the financial aid program.

Students who are able to get access to the degree program as well as being awarded the financial aid program can enjoy several benefits. After all, the scholarship is divided into different funding schemes. If you are taking the undergraduate programs, then there are some different schemes and awards.

The Undergraduate Vice-Chancellor’s financial support program provides one year of the full free tuition fee. There is also Undergraduate full-time RGU on-campus courses that award the lucky candidates with £3,000 worth of financial discounts (within one year) of the tuition fee.

Interested applicants are advised to visit the official site at this link so they can learn further of the details of the scholarship. It is expected that by the time they send their application, they have really understood the concept and principle of Robert Gordon University Scholarship.


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