International Herringham Scholarship Program in the UK

Students who have completed their Bachelor degree and looked forward to continuing a higher degree in the United Kingdom can always send their application for International Herringham Scholarship program. International or foreign students who want to continue their study at one of the most reputable institutions in the UK can think about meeting the requirements for the scholarship.

The Scholarship Description

The International Herringham Scholarship program is designed to help passionate students gain better chances in academic learning as well as enjoying another cultural experience studying abroad.

Royal Halloway University of London.

The Royal Halloway University of London.

The financial support program is provided and offered by the Royal Halloway University of London. They understand that international students, especially taking the postgraduate degree program, often struggle with a financial matter. Royal Holloway was established in 1879 as a constituent college and public research university. Students should consider taking their degree there because they can enjoy the beautiful campus and high-quality accommodation – not to mention that they can also gain access to the world-class quality of the university’s teaching facilities.

There will be 3 grants that are awarded to the students. The value of the scholarship reaches £7,200 for each candidate and it is focused as a tuition fee waiver.

The Requirements

Every financial aid program has its own requirements and this International Herringham Scholarship program isn’t any different. The general requirements include:

  • All applicants are allowed to take any subject or course within the History Department at the University
  • All applicants must enroll as the full-time (international) students and be registered as the student
  • Eligible applicants are coming from European or United Kingdom as well as other nationalities from all over the world.
  • Applicants whose national language isn’t English must display their knowledge of the English language. They need to take IELTS or TOEFL test and have the score test document as the evidence for their mastery and language proficiency.
  • Applicants need to complete the requirements for the application including the supporting documentation such as two academic references, academic transcripts, and the award statement
  • Applicants must complete their previous degree level. For this level, applicants need to have a Bachelor degree because the admission board only accepts the undergraduate degree
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How to Apply

Applicants need to register at the university first as credible and eligible students. Once they have applied for the Master degree level course and they have received an official study offer at the university, they will be given access to the scholarship application.

There will be two different application processing. The application for the study should be submitted through the email while the application for the scholarship can be accessed through this link

Students need to submit documentation as a part of their study registration and everything should be sent through the provided email. For now, the information about the email is still confidential. Students are expected to reach the contact person from the university to learn more about the requirements and the detailed process. The deadline is on June the 28th 2019.

Interested candidates are expected to visit the official site at this link so they can learn the details of the International Herringham Scholarship program


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