Australia Emirates ECU Scholarship for Working Experience

International students who want to have a work experience while still studying (taking the course or subject that is related to the required field) can send their application for Australia Emirates ECU Scholarship in 2019 taking place in Australia. This scholarship would be perfect for those who want to have a professional training experience in one of the most developed countries in the world.

The Scholarship Description



ECU or Edith Cowan University is working together with Emirates Group in providing a good chance for students (Australian and international) to take part in unpaid working placements with Emirates. The program is open for applicants who want to get practical experience and training related to their study disciplines. With Australia Emirates ECU Scholarship, it is expected that they can help the students with some financial matter.

The value of the scholarship will cover living expenses as well as return airfare for the students. This may not be much but the financial support can alleviate some financial burden and provide a relief to the candidates.

The Requirements

All financial aid programs have their own standard and requirements, and this Australia Emirates ECU Scholarship program isn’t different either. There are some basic and general requirements that students must meet for the initial program stage. It is possible that they are required to meet other standards but it depends on the next stage – and the further requirements processing.

The basic requirements are:

  • All applicants have to display their proficiency and mastery of English language. Since they are going to have a professional working experience and communication is crucial, they should meet the basic standard proficiency of spoken and written English.
  • All applicants must show the written documentation or evidence of their English language mastery
  • The applicants must be registered as ECU student
  •   Eligible students are those who have completed 180 Credit Points, at least, in the current study course and have a minimum 70% of WAM. The eligible study units and courses include Criminology, Aviation and Law, and Security.
  • Eligible candidates are Australian students as well as international students (whose nationalities are outside Australia and New Zealand)
  • Only applicants taking the undergraduate degree level program can apply. They can take any subject or field coursework to be considered eligible for the program.
  • Besides completing the online application form, candidates are also expected to provide supporting documents that may include a support letter from staff members of ECU Academics and a resume. Students are also required to submit their own written statement that describes their intention (and reason) to take part in the program – the Emirates Work Placement project. The letter should also describe the reason why they can be a good ambassador for the ECU as well as the program – along with the expected outcomes for their academic and personal.
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How to Apply

Interested candidates are advised to go to the provided link and access the application form. The deadline is on July the 26th 2019.

Interested candidates are expected to visit the official website as well as the link to get the application form at this link. If they understand the concept of Australia Emirates ECU Scholarship program, their chances can be bigger and better.