International ECU Accommodation Scholarship for Students

Foreign students who are often worried about the residence and its cost should be thinking about applying for International ECU Accommodation Scholarship program. This financial support program is designed and dedicated for international students who want to continue their study to undergraduate and postgraduate degree levels without having to worry about the financial expenses, especially the one for accommodation and residence.

The Scholarship Description



ECU or Edith Cowan University is offering the International ECU Accommodation Scholarship program for international students so they won’t have to excessively be worried about the residence fee or expenses. The university itself is located in Western Australia – in Perth, to be exact. It has 300 courses (undergraduate and postgraduate).



The reasons why international students should study there is the option of courses and a wide array of available programs. Students are free to join workshops and cultural programs as well as improving communication skills and personality.

The Requirements

What are the requirements for International ECU Accommodation Scholarship program? What steps that applicants need to take if they want to take part?

  • Applicants who want to take part in the scholarship can take any degree levels and any subject or field. They may take the research, undergraduate, coursework, or postgraduate degree programs at the university.
  • Eligible applicants are those who come from other countries unless the citizens of New Zealand and Australia
  • Eligible applicants must not get any other industrial sponsorship or government grant
  • All applicants must complete the application as well as providing the needed supporting documents. They need to submit a copy of the passport, a CV, a copy of academic transcripts, and test certificate (from the language ability).
  • All applicants are expected to meet the requirements of course application at the university. The requirements depend on the course program and level because each program may set up different requirements and specifications.
  • All applicants are expected to display their knowledge of English language considering that all of the classes will be delivered with the language. If applicants are coming from non-English spoken countries, they are required to take IELTS or TOEFL test and have the test score as the written proof document.
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How to Apply

Candidates are expected to enroll themselves in the university by choosing the degree level course of their choice. Once they have registered for the program and they have received the admission letter, they can go to the website (at ECU Village). Go to the section “Apply Now’ and apply for the grant. The deadline is on July the 30th 2019.

The value of the financial support program covers 50% of accommodation fee reduction that is awarded to 40 candidates. Keep in mind that the grant will be given with the basis ‘first come, first serve’ concept. It would be better and wiser if applicants can send their applications and have them processed right away.
Interested candidates must visit the official site at this link so they can gain knowledge and understand the details of the program.  Hopefully, they can understand the core principle of International ECU Accommodation Scholarship program.

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