International Excellence CSE Scholarships in the UK

International students wanting to continue their study to a higher level while experiencing another cultural influence and introduction can think about applying for International Excellence CSE Scholarships that will take place in the United Kingdom. Students are expected to gain international (qualification and standardized) degree while having a different academic outcome and effect.

The Scholarship Description



Salford University in the United Kingdom believes that students must experience world-standard academic education, so they are offering International Excellence CSE Scholarships program that can help students get an academic chance without having to struggle with financial hardship. That’s why the university is offering this scholarship for international students that take undergraduate and also postgraduate degree program.

Salford University was set up in 1896. At that time, the name was Royal Technical Institute before it changed the status in 1967. It has become a public research university with various degree programs. The reasons why students should learn at the university are for the funding facilities as well as world-class (academic) facilities that will students create a brighter and better future.

The value of the scholarship will reach £3,500 for the lucky candidates

The Requirements

All financial aid programs have their own requirements and this International Excellence CSE Scholarships aren’t different. The general and basic requirements are:

  • All applicants must register and be a full-time student on the campus
  • Eligible applicants are those who have taken undergraduate and postgraduate degree course within any field or subject except for MSc Gas Engineering and Management or MSc Petroleum and Gas Engineering
  • Eligible applicants are those coming from all around the world –any countries in the world
  • All applicants, especially those who are coming from the non-English speaking countries, must show their knowledge and mastery of English language. They need to take IELTS or TOEFL test and have the score as the evidence
  • All applicants need to check the completion of their requirements. Despite the general and basic requirements, there are also some specific requirements (that are based on the country) before they can apply for specific degree level course.
  • All applicants must complete their application, including the supporting documents like a CV, academic certificate or transcripts, a reference, and also language ability proof.
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How to Apply

Interested applicants must register first in the university and be the students in order to qualify for the financial support program. They must send their application for the study and get an offer. Students need to enroll in either undergraduate or postgraduate degree level and then wait for the acceptance letter. Once they get the letter, they will be automatically chosen for the scholarship’s processing which is based on academic achievement and merit. The university will inform you about it.

Up until now, there is no specific information about the deadline. The deadline is still open depending on the open access of the scholarship process.

Interested candidates are encouraged to visit the official link for the program. There are different links for the degree program. For the Undergraduate link, follow this link. For the Postgraduate link, follow this link. They should understand more about International Excellence CSE Scholarships by coming to the link.