International Undergraduate Scholarships at Koç University

What do you think about applying for International Undergraduate Scholarships at Koç University in Turkey? If you are looking forward to continuing your study to a higher level educational degree while having a good chance in learning other cultural values and insight, then you should consider this opportunity. A studying chance in one of the top Turkish institutions is pretty rare – and you will get a rare experience that can enrich your personal education and experience in life.

The Scholarship Description



Koç University is a private university with non-profit base that has started its operation in 1993. It currently has become one of the most popular as well as most reputable universities in Turkey. The International Undergraduate Scholarships at Koç University is a program that is created and awarded for undergraduate students wanting to achieve their dreams in getting a higher degree level. With the quality undergraduate program, they can achieve greater outcome and success in the future.

The value of the scholarship is different, depending on the study course level. For the undergraduate students, they may be awarded with 25% of the annual tuition coverage during their studying program duration. The percentage depends on their performance and value from the scholarship board.

The Requirements

Here are some basic requirements for this International Undergraduate Scholarships at Koç University program:

  • Students who want to take the undergraduate degree coursework at the university should have the passion and dedication to join the programs and complete their study to the completion stage
  • Students taking any subject or course within the undergraduate levels at the university are eligible to apply for the scholarship
  • Turkish students as well as international students are encouraged and invited to apply for the financial support program
  • All applicants are expected to complete the application as well as submitting the supporting documents that include a CV, a letter of motivation, and also a personal statement
  • All applicants need to complete their previous education background or level. It means that interested applicants should have a High School diploma to register for the undergraduate level
  • All applicants need to display their knowledge of English language. They need to show their mastery in spoken and also written language skills.
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How to Apply

In order to be considered eligible for the scholarship’s screening process, the candidates are expected to register first to the university. They need to send an application for the undergraduate course program. After they have received the admission letter, they can send another application for the scholarship. They are required to complete the online application system which can be accessed at this link.

There is no specific deadline for the program as it is always open for interested applicants from all over the world. However, it is always a good idea to process the application as soon as possible so applicants won’t be hurried up by the deadline or whatsoever.

Interested applicants are advised to visit the official site at this link so they can learn the details and process of International Undergraduate Scholarships at Koç University program.


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