International Undergraduate And Postgraduate Country Award

If you are thinking about pursuing your dream in getting a better and higher education – which can affect your future- you can send your application for International Undergraduate and Postgraduate Country Award in the UK that will give them the financial award. International students are encouraged to show their academic ability and performance so they can get the financial support.

The Scholarship Description



Financial aid can be supportive, especially for students who need it. Interested students who want to pursue a higher level of education can always have the opportunity to get the financial aid so they won’t have to worry excessively for the tuition fee – and the extra expenses.

International students are encouraged to display academic excellence and register for either the undergraduate or postgraduate degree level at Coventry University in the United Kingdom. Students are allowed to choose between studying at either CU Scarborough and CU London.

The value of the International Undergraduate and Postgraduate Country Award program will reach £1,500 for each successful candidate that has registered in the study course in September 2019.

The Requirements

What are the requirements for the International Undergraduate and Postgraduate Country Award program?

  • Eligible applicants are those who are coming from certain countries, like Ukraine, Turkey, Tanzania, Morocco, Kazakhstan, Ghana, and Egypt.
  • All applicants are considered eligible as long as they take either undergraduate or postgraduate program within the university – and take whatever subject or field
  • All applicants should be the international students with self-funded paying fee. They should also have the offer to continue their study at Coventry University
  • All applicants must complete their previous degree level of study before they can apply for the next program. For the undergraduate program, they have to own a high school diploma. They need to have a Bachelor degree to apply for the Master program. And they need to have a Master degree to apply for the Doctoral program.
  • All applicants are expected to complete the application and provide the extra required documentation that include language test score, a copy of the (current) passport, a personal statement, an academic reference, a work reference (if there is any), a copy of the diploma or degree certificates, and the needed academic transcripts.
  • All applicants, whose national language isn’t English, must display their knowledge of English because most of the classes will be delivered in English. All the candidates must satisfy and meet all the conditions and terms of the English language, including taking the IELTS or TOEFL test and have the document as the evidence
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How to Apply

The applicants must register and be the official (and registered) student first before they are considered eligible for the application screening process. Interested applicants must enroll in either undergraduate or postgraduate degree course within the university. After they have registered in the program and got the admission letter, they will be considered for the financial grant automatically.

The new program will take place in September 2019 so the deadline (and the overall process) will take place before it.

Candidates must visit the official link at this site to learn and understand more about International Undergraduate and Postgraduate Country Award program.


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