Fully-Funded PhD Warehouse Operations Optimization Studentship in the UK

Students who have just completed their Master degree program can think about continuing their education to the PhD level and applying for Fully-Funded PhD Warehouse Operations Optimization Studentship in UK for the starting study course period of 2019-2020. This financial aid program can help international students obtain their higher degree as well as reaching their dream in getting better education and brighter future.

The Scholarship Description

This opportunity is open for students who want to continue their study to a higher degree as well as getting a chance to learn in one of the prestigious universities in the United Kingdom. Fully-Funded PhD Warehouse Operations Optimization Studentship is a program that is created and provided by Cranfield School of Management with the hope of encouraging and helping international students to reach their dream.



Cranfield University has existed from 1946, founded as the research-based and postgraduate public university that finally got their university status back then in 1969. Students would be able to unlock their potential ability and then develop their talent in order to enhance their employability. The students will end up having good skills, knowledge, and also inspirations to have a successful and long career.

The value of the scholarship reaches a tax-free amount of £15,000 and also the course fees for 3 years of studying period.

The Requirements

What are the general requirements for the Fully-Funded PhD Warehouse Operations Optimization Studentship program?

  • Eligible applicants are coming from the EU, the UK, and other countries in the world
  • Ideal candidates can apply for the PhD degree program for  building and creating models concerning existing warehouse system and then propose (a new) operational model in order to improve the already existing system within the university
  • Candidates should have an impressive programming experience within a scientific language (such as Python, R, or Matlab) because it is important. The candidates should also have the (necessary) social skills so they can engage and interact with stakeholders to communicate the research aim and concept to the audiences with non-technical knowledge
  • Ideal candidates are those having a solid background in Operational Research. They should also have built mathematical models in their undergraduate or Master of Science projects even though the scale mustn’t have to be big
  • The candidates are expected to have a brilliant academic record and performance. They should have, at least, a good undergraduate or postgraduate degree with 2.1 or even higher in the field of Applied Mathematics, Systems Engineering, Industrial Engineering, and Logistics and Supply Chain Management.
Other opportunity:  Charles P. Bonini Diversity Partnership Fellowship Program

How to Apply

Any potential candidates are welcomed and encouraged to apply for this financial aid program, but they are required to follow the procedures and stages of the application:

  • The candidates need to register in the PhD degree program at the university first and take the Leadership and Management course.
  • Once they have received the acceptance letter and be registered officially as the student in the university, then they will be considered eligible to send the application
  • Don’t forget that they need to quote SOM0004 reference number in the application
  • After the application is reviewed and the applicants are considered eligible to meet all the criteria, they will be selected for the bursary automatically

The deadline is on June the 30th 2019.

Interested candidates should visit this link so they can learn more about the Fully-Funded PhD Warehouse Operations Optimization Studentship program.


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