Gaining Access to International KMMF Scholarships in Japan

Students who want to continue their study in Japan and have just completed their undergraduate degree program can consider about taking part in International KMMF Scholarships in Japan. Students with academic excellence and performance have the chance to continue their education to a higher level without having to worry excessively about the financial condition – and its challenges.

The Scholarship Description

International students have a good chance to continue their study at one of the best universities in the world and one of the best countries in the world. Konosuke Matsushita Memorial Foundation (KMMF) is holding the scholarship program called as the International KMMF Scholarships in Japan.



The organization understands the importance of giving the right chance for the academically excellent students coming from outside of Japan to pursue their educational dream and get a better future ahead. The scholarship is provided because they want to unlock the potential of the international students.

The financial support program covers a financial grant that reaches the amount of ¥120,000 a month, focused and dedicated for living expenses and allowance.

The Requirements

There are some basic and general requirements that students must meet to take part in this International KMMF Scholarships in Japan

  • Eligible applicants are coming from Asian countries (including central Asia or West Asia and Mongolia as well as the north-end of the region and Indonesia), Africa (including the surrounding islands and the African continent), and also Latin America (also covers South of Mexico countries and Caribbean countries)
  • All applicants are allowed to apply for the Master degree program and take any field or subject in the university
  • All applicants must not get any financial support or scholarship from other organizations or funding committees. The preferable level is JLPT N3 or the equivalent or even higher
  • All applicants need to show their dedication and commitment about studying in Japan
  • All applicants need to be academically excellent and able to show the good performance in their academic period.
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How to Apply

Every financial aid program has its own stages and levels, and this program isn’t different. To be considered eligible for the scholarship, interested applicants must register at Kyushu University first. Make sure to enroll for the Master degree level. They need to enroll in the university’s course program first and get the acceptance letter. After they get the admission letter, they will be considered eligible for the grant. Go to the university and meet the contact person to get the detailed information about how to apply for the scholarship.

It is possible that the students would have to pledge to the KMMF within the beginning of the funding program. The stage of application happens from June to July so students should apply as soon as possible if they want to get the chance and the slot for the financial support program.

Interested candidates must visit the official site at this link so they can learn the details of the financial support program. Visiting the site will help them understand how the process and the details of the requirements for the International KMMF Scholarships in Japan happen.


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