Kunsan Postgraduate Study and Research Scholarship Program

International students who are thinking about going further in their educational stage by taking postgraduate degree programs can think about applying for Kunsan Postgraduate Study and Research Scholarship that will take place in academic year of 2019-2020. The host institution would be Kunsan University and the international students can have a further plan in their academic year as well as future management.

The Scholarship Description

The Kunsan Postgraduate Study and Research Scholarship program is created and designed to support all (international) students who have the passion and interest in Autonomous Systems Design and Control. Students have the freedom to any study level at the university as they are expected to grow together with the university. After all, bright and promising youths are always appreciated and welcomed.

The Kunsan Postgraduate Study and Research

The Kunsan Postgraduate Study and Research

The scholarship has a different value, depending on the degree program courses. For the Master degree, the students will be awarded $1,300 a month or more, while the doctoral degree students will get $1,500 a month or more. The scholarship covers the tuition fee, depending on the research topics or the research career. Students for the postdoctoral program will also get a salary although the amount will be discussed later.

The Requirements

What are the general requirements for Kunsan Postgraduate Study and Research Scholarship program?

  • Interested students can apply in the Master, Postdoctoral, or PhD degree courses within the subject of Autonomous Systems Designs (including Microprocessor Programming and the Applications, Python, Intelligent Control with Genetic Algorithm, Fuzzy, and Neural Networks) and Machine and Deep Learning. The latter one includes Learning with Vision Systems (Mono Camera, Lidar, Depth) and also Deep Reinforcement Learning for Navigation, Collision Avoidance, and Control within Kunsan University
  • Eligible candidates are those having the qualification and the academic merit to be considered eligible for the processing. International students from any nationalities in the world are encouraged to apply and welcomed
  • All applicants must show a deep interest in the topic or subject and they must dedicate themselves to their study
  • All applicants must complete the application and follow the required path of registration. They may also need to include the supporting documents of a copy of passport, a CV, and academic transcript.
  • All applicants must have good English communication skill. They need to display their knowledge of the language by taking the needed test (possibly IELTS or TOEFL) and have the document as the evidence.
  • All applicants must complete their previous stage of education. For Master degree program, students need to have undergraduate degree (and certificate). For the PhD degree, they need to have a Master degree. For the postdoctoral research level, they need to have the PhD degree.
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How to Apply

Basically, interested candidates must register for the degree program courses that they want at the university. When they have sent their application for the studentship, they need to get the admission letter first – which would prove their existence as the student at the university. Then, if they still want to take part in this financial support program, they must reach to the contact person:

Deok-Jin Lee, Professor

School of Automotive and Mechanical Engineering

Smart Autonomous Systems Lab, Kunsan National University

Gunsan, Korea

Phone: +8263469 4725, fax: +82 63469 4727

For now, the information about the email is still protected. But once the candidates have been registered as the students, they can gain access to the email address information. The deadline is on July the 13th 2019.

Interested candidates are expected to visit the link at http://www.kunsan.ac.kr/en/index.kunsan to learn more about Kunsan Postgraduate Study and Research Scholarship program.

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